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CITC-11: London, United Kingdom

September 9-11, 2019

Conference Papers

3D Scans – A New Teaching Tool in Construction Education 

Pavan Meadati and Amin Akhnoukh

A Factor Analysis of Transportation Infrastructure Feasibility Study Factors A Study among Built Environment Professionals in South Africa 

Chioma Sylvia Okoro , Innocent Musonda , and Justus Ngala Agumba

A Framework for Managing Building Construction Technology for the Campus Owner through a Building Design Sustainability Safety and Maintainability Assessment System 

Gordon H. Vincent

A Hybrid Conceptual Model for BIM Adoption in Facilities Management A Descriptive Analysis for the Collected Data 

Mustafa A. Hilal, Tayyab Maqsood, Amir Abdekhodaee

A Model Validation and Predicting the Rental Values of Residential Properties Using Logistic Regression Model 

Tawakalitu Odubiyi, Anthony Ugulu, Olalekan Oshodi, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Wellington Thwala

A Pilot of Student Guided Virtual Reality Tours 

Jeffrey Kim

A Socio-Cultural Perspective to BIM Adoption A Case Study in South Africa 

Marlise Knobel, Vian Ahmed, Sara Saboor, Barry Gledson, Mohamad Kassem

A Strategic Approach to Emergency Preparedness in the UAE 

Hamdan Rashid Alteneiji, Vian Ahmed, and Sara Saboor

Academic Satisfaction and Career Preparedness An Exploratory Study on the Perceptions of Construction Management Graduates  

Lewis Waller, Delasio Foust, and Kamalesh Panthi

An Assessment of Factors influencing Collaboration and Impacts on Organisational Performance A Review 

Mercy Sepuru, Innocent Musonda, and Chioma Sylvia Okoro

An Assessment Tool to Measure the Lean Construction Maturity Level 

Ahmed Helmy Mohamed

An Overview of Onsite Residential Sewage Disposal and the Implications on Underground Water Supply and Health in Nigeria 

Solomon Pelumi Akinbogun, Clinton Aigbavbo, and Trynos Gumbo

Antecedents of Client Loyalty in the Construction Professional Services Sector A Qualitative Study 

Nick Williams, Paul Hampton, Nii Ankrah and Ezekiel Chinyio

Are the Aging Workforce Satisfied with the Construction Work Environment 

Alex Torku, Turker Bayrak, Stephen Ogunlana, Albert Ping Chuen Chan, and DeGraft Owusu-Manu

Assessing the Emerging Factors on Stakeholder Management in Public-Private Partnerships in Malaysia 

Sakinah Khalidah Kaharuddin, Hamimah Adnan, and Har Einur Azrin Baharuddin

Assessing the Intrinsic Value of Construction Stocks An Empirical Evidence from the Price Earning Models 

Muhamad Saiful Alizan Nordin, Norbaya Ab Rahim and Hamimah Adnan

Assessment of Embodied Carbon Footprint of an Educational Building in Pakistan using Building Information

Syed Mohsin Hussain Shah, Ali Junaid, Roshan hilal Khan, and Syed Shujaa Safdar Gardez

Assessment of the Level of Awareness of Robotics and Construction Automation in South African 

Opeoluwa Akinradewo, Ayodeji Oke, Clinton Aigbavboa and Mashangoane Molau

Assessment of the Role of Owner’s Representative on Construction Performance An Owner’s Perspective 

Hala Nassereddine, Tia Endres and Awad Hanna

Augmented Reality AR for Utility Infrastructure An Experiential Development Workflow 

Poorang Piroozfar, Alex Judd, Simon Boseley, Amer Essa, Eric R. P. Farr

Augmented Reality for Urban Utility Infrastructure A UK Perspective 

Poorang Piroozfar, Alex Judd, Simon Boseley, Amer Essa, Eric R. P. Farr

Automation in Museum Construction and Operation 

Amina Hammodat, Fadia Ajjan, Faris Zakieh, and Salwa Beheiry

Benchmarking Project Manager’s Compensation 

Khalid Siddiqi, Enes Kol

Best Management Practices in Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Mechanical Systems in Data Centers

Prabha Sharma, Scott Kramer, Junshan Liu


BIM Awareness and Usage VS BIM Knowledge, Importance and Future Planning An Analysis from Malaysian Quantity Surveyors 

Noor Akmal Adillah Ismai, Har Einur Azrin Baharuddin, and Hamimah Adnan

BIM Awareness The Kenyan and UK Scenarios 

Thomas Kimani, Haddy Jallow, Mugwima Njuguna, and Ahmad Alkizim

Blockchain in Construction Practice 

Barbara Aleksandra Adamska, David Blahak, and Fonbeyin Henry Abanda

Building Commissioning Do Cost Benefits Outweigh the Initial Investment for U.S. Army Corp of Engineers 

Amber Lanphere, Scott Kramer, and April Simons

Building Information Modelling in Transport Infrastructure Sector 

Haddy Jallow, Suresh Renukappa, Subashini Suresh, Ahmed Alneyadi

Challenges Affecting Leadership Development in the Construction Industry  

Murendeni Liphadzi, Clinton Aigbavboa, Temidayo Osunsanmi, and Didibhuku Thwala

Challenges of Conducting Market Research During Project Appraisals of Real Estate Investment 

Temidayo Osunsanm, Clinton Aigbavboa, Ayodeji Oke, and Murendeni Liphadzi

Challenges to the Implementation of Lean Construction Practices in the South African Construction Industry 

Ayodeji Oke, Opeoluwa Akinradewo, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Mulongo Ndalamba

Characteristics of Bidding for Engineering Services in Public Construction Projects 

Khaled Hesham Hyari and Omar Hiary

Construction and Demolition Waste Management on Construction Sites in Kazakhstan 

Abid Nadeem, Altynay Khamatova, Md Aslam Hossain, and Hau Yan Leung

Construction Contingency Determination A Review of Processes and Techniques  

Richard Emeka Adaurhere, Innocent Musonda, and Chioma Sylvia Okoro

Construction Health and Safety (H&S) Practitioners’ Developmental Needs 

John Smallwood and Claire Deacon

Construction Site Fire Safety Using BIM and Virtual Reality 

Asif Abu Bakar, Todd Sirotiak, and Achintyamugdha Sharma

Construction-Related Waivers to the Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Rule in the United States

Michele Herrmann

Contingency Use and Project Delivery Influence on Infrastructure Project Risk Assessment 

Mohamed Diab and Mohammed Mehany

Costing of Health and Safety elements in Construction Projects in Gauteng, South Africa  

Jirel Akawi and Innocent Musonda

Critical Factors Influencing the Bid/No Bid Decision in Pakistan Construction Industry 

Nida Iftikhar, M. Jamaluddin Thaheem, and Bilal Iftikhar

Critical Success Factors for Improved Organizational Performance  

Lerato Ngwenya, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Wellington Thwala

Current Sources of Financing Power Infrastructure in Developing Countries Principal Component Analysis Approach 

Emmanuel Oikelomen Ayorinde, Ngcobo Ntebo and Kasenge Mathe

Current Status of Awareness and Readiness Towards Building Information Modelling (BIM) Among Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors  

Anushka Rathnayake and Hamed H Samir

Deployment of Building Information Modelling BIM for Energy Efficiency in the UK 

David Oloke

Developing a Sustainable Concrete using Ceramic Waste Powder 

Tariq Umar, Abdullah Tahir, Charles Egbu, Mohamed Shaik Honnurvali, Messaoud Saidani, and Ahmed Jalil Al-Bayati

Digital Asset Information Management for Transport Infrastructure Framework and Implementation 

Peng Wu, Jun Wang, Ammar Shemery, and Keith Hampson

Digital Technology and Integration in Construction The UAE Context 

Irtishad Ahmad and Sameh El-Sayegh

Effect of Insulation Thickness on Energy Consumption for Different Shaped Buildings 

Esra Bostancioglu

Effectiveness of Contractors’ Competitive Bidding Strategies in the UAE Construction Industry 

Dima Arouk and Sameh El-Sayegh

Embodied Carbon Footprint Assessment of a Conventional Commercial Building Using BIM 

Daud Khan, Ehsan Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Sheharyar Tara, and Syed Shujaa Safdar Gardezi

Emerging BIM-3D-Laser Scanning Integration in Construction Practice 

Donato Pica and Fonbeyin Henry Abanda

Enhancing Innovativeness in the Construction Sector A System Dynamics Analysis 

Emiliya Suprun, Rodney Stewart, Oz Sahin, and Kriengsak Panuwatwanich

Enhancing the Visualization of Problems Tracking and Management Integrated BIM Technology for General Contractor in Construction 

Yu-Cheng Lin and Ya-Ting Hsu

Environmental Sustainability Impact of Construction Acitivties  

Ayodeji Oke, Douglas Aghimien, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Zanele Madonsela

Estimating the Productivity of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Water Operators  

Ivana Domljan and Vjekoslav Domljan

Evaluating the Influence of Training on Attitudes to Building Information Modelling (BIM) Adoption in Malaysian Construction Industry by using Extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) 

Har Einur Azrin Baharuddin, Airul Faizal Othman, Hamimah Adnan, and Noor Akmal Adillah Ismail

Expectations from the Welding Curriculum Based on the Perspective of Engineering Technology Graduates in Nigeria 

Eghosa Eguabor and Clinton Aigbavboa

Experimental Investigation of Concrete Block Walls Compressive Strength Using a Non-Destructive Test 

Babatunde Ogunbayo and Clinton Aigbavboa

Exploring Critical Success Factors for Geothermal Investments 

Birol Trabzonlu and Emre Caner Akcay

Exploring individual adaptability as a prerequisite for adjusting to technological changes in construction 

Derek Asante Abankwa, Rita Yi Man Li, Steve Rowlinson and Yadi Li

Exploring the Current and Future States of Augmented Reality in the Construction Industry 

Hala Nassereddine, Awad Hanna, and Dharmaraj Veeramani

Exploring the Working Conditions of People in Construction 

Fidelis Emuze and Lesiba Mollo

External Components of Premature Construction Project Closure 

Olushola Akinshipe, Clinton Aigbavboa, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, and Mutshaeni Madidimalo

Factors Affecting Indoor Environmental Qualities of Social-Housing Projects in South Africa  

Mpho Ndou, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Felicia Yaka

Forecasting Rental Values of Residential Properties A Neural Network Model Approach  

Olalekan Oshodi, Ifije Ohiomah, Tawakalitu Odubiyi, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Wellington Thwala

General Contractor Knowledge of Infection Control Requirements on Hospital Renovation Construction Projects 

Wesley Collins, Paul Holley, Abhay Chavan, and Anoop Sattineni

Green Building Retrofitting in the UAE 

Mariam Ibrahim, Eilin Rachid, Yousef Awera, and Salwa Beheiry

Health and Safety Elements of Premature Construction Project Closure 

Olushola Akinshipe, Clinton Aigbavboa, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, and Mutshaeni Madidimalo

How Can Mobile App Technology Further Benefit Project Managers by Improving & Increasing Working Productivity? 

Mr. Hoover Lee, Dr. Paul Hampton, and Ms. Klare Lau

Identification of critical factors for Construction Megaprojects Success   

Ting Wang, Albert P.C. Chan, and Qinghua He

Image Based Inspection and Monitoring of Buildings  

Eshanta Mishra, Naveed Anwar, Muhammad Amir Izhar, and Sumet Supprasert

Impediments of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the South African Construction  

Douglas Aghimien, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Kefilwe Matabane

Innovative Vocational Training for the Construction Industry 

Valerie Francis and Vidal Paton Cole

Inventory Management and Construction Project Delivery in Nigeria 

Dubem Ikediashi and Godfrey Udo

Investigating the Criticalities of Corruption Forms in Infrastructure Procurement in the Developing   

Emmanuel Kingsford Owusu, Prof. Albert Chan, Prof. David Edwards, and Dr. Gabriel Nani

Investigation of Electronic Document Management applications in the Construction Projects Case Study in Jordan 

Hesham Ahmad, Turki Al-Suleiman (Obaidat), and Abeer Elhour

Investigation of Infrastructural Maintenance in Public Institutions in Nigeria   

Chigozie Okafor and Clinton Aigbavboa

Land-Use Optimization Based on Transit Oriented Development with Linear Programming 

Mohammed Ali Berawi, Van Basten, Fuad Adrian Iskandar, and Gunawan Gunawan

Life cycle costing for decision making in construction and demolition waste management A critical review 

I.M. Chethana S. Illankoon and Vivian W Y Tam

Measuring the needs for the Special Property Development Entity (SPDE) for Waqf Property Development in Malaysia 

Ahmad Shazrin Mohamed Azmi, Noor Rosly Hanif, and Siti Mashitoh Mahamood

Mitigating Skills Shortage in the South African Construction Industry 

Ayodeji Oke, Lerato Ngwenya, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Tshinakaho Khangal

Modelling Correlations in Highway Construction Projects  

Alireza Moghayedi and Abimbola Windapo

Modelling Hospital Functional Performance Under Surge Conditions—The Application of FRAM and RAM 

Farhad Mahmoudi, Sherif Mohamed, and Fahim Tonmoy

Modular versus Conventional Construction An Analysis of Cost and Benefits via a Case Study 

Reza Shakeri and Salman Azhar

Multi-Objective Resource-Constrained Scheduling in Construction Projects 

Vasiliki M. Lazari and Athanasios P. Chassiakos

Objectives of Competitive Bidding in the UAE Construction Industry 

Dima Arouk and Sameh El-Sayegh

Overview of Concrete Durability Evaluation using Electrical Resistivity 

Amin Akhnoukh

Owners' Obligations Under FIDIC Construction Contracts 

Omar Alhyari

Perception of University Students on Gender Issues in the Industry 

Subashini Suresh, Amal Hj Abdul Aziz, Mark Stride, Suresh Renukappa, and Paul Hampton

Perceptions of How Lean Practices Could Assure Quality in Construction 

Marsha Goliath, Fidelis Emuze and Michael Oladokun

Physical and Mental Health of Construction Workers A Worse Status 

Yang Yang, Albert Ping-Chuen Chan, and Joanne Wai-Yee Chung

Practical Application of Natural Pozzolans and Lime for Cost Optimisation in Low Cost Housing 

Dans Nshekanabo Naturinda

Predicting the Impact Size of Uncertainty Events on Construction Cost and Time of Highway Projects Using  

Alireza Moghayedi and Abimbola Windapo

Project Control Through Disincentivisation A Case Study of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Project 

Liuying Zhu, Sai On Cheung, Xinglin Gao, Qian Li, and Gang Liu

Quality Assessment of Sandcrete Blocks Produced with River Sand in Ogun State, Nigeria 

Babatunde Ogunbayo and Clinton Aigbavboa

Quantitative Assessment of Resilient Safety Culture Model Using Relative Importance Index 

Arun Garg, Anwar Alroomi, Fahim Tonmoy, and Sherif Mohamed

Reducing Our Energy Usage and Reliance to Mechanical Air Conditioning through Passive Cooling Can It Be Done at Home Today 

Junshan Liu, Scott Kramer, and Marisol Cho

Relating quality of Service to Customer Satisfaction in the Nigerian Automotive Service Sector 

John Aiyesehinde and Clinton Aigbavboa

Residential Construction Risk Management Does it Happen in Real Life 

Kamalesh Panthi, Lewis Waller, and Syed M. Ahmed

Rethinking the Application of Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal for Property Valuation in Johannesburg Municipality 

Ngwanatladi Marcia Rammala, Solomon Pelumi Akinbogun, and Clinton Aigbavboa

Reviewing Problem-Solving as a Key Employability Skill for Built Environment Graduates 

John Aliu and Clinton Aigbavboa

Risk Management in Procurement of Blue-Green Roofs Supplier Perspective 

Erlend Andenæs, Berit Time, Olav Torp, Tore Kvande, and Jardar Lohne

Road Infrastructure Project Success Understanding the Role of Stakeholder Management in a Rural Setting 

Joy Okwuchi Chizitere Oguzie, Ifeanyi Cosmas Nwakanma, Achimba Chibueze Ogbonna, and Augustine Ikenna Udunwa

Safety Management Amongst Small Contractors in Selangor, Malaysia 

Hamimah Adnan, Mohd Iman Mokhtaruddin, Muhamad Saiful Alizan Nordin, Noor Akmal Adillah Ismail, and Har Einur Azrin Baharuddin

Sharing Knowledge Via Ubiquitous Technology to Enhance Safety Awareness Willingness and Actual Experience in Hong Kong 

Rita Yi Man Li, Derek Asante Abankwa, and Tat Ho Leung

STREBLO The App Prototype for Managing Stress in the Construction Industry 

Silvia Riva, Paul Hampton, and Ezekiel Chinyio

Temporary Homes in Disaster Hit Areas 

Taylor Wimberly, Salman Azhar, Malik Khalfan, Irfan Ulhaq, and Tayyab Maqsood

The Influence of Clients and Designers on Construction Health and Safety  

John Smallwood and Claire Deacon

The Sources of Dispute in Construction Projects in the Mpumalanga Province 

Nokulunga Mashwama, Didibhuku Thwala, and Clinton Aigbavboa

Undesired Contractual Behaviour of Key Participants in Civil Engineering projects 

Wan Norizan Wan Ismail, Hamimah Adnan, Natasha Khalil, and Nor Azmi Bakhary

Urban Planning in the Context of Seatropolis City through the Public-Private Partnership Scheme 

Mohammed Ali Berawi, Van Basten, Timothy Edwin Muljono, and Gunawan Gunawan

Urban Underground Future The Potential of Subsurface Utilization in Nairobi, Kenya 

Thomas Kimani and Mugwima Njuguna

Water Conservation and Environmental Sustainability Approach 

Irfan Abid, Haroon Amal Khattak, and Rai Waqas Asfar Khan

Water Content Effect on California Bearing Ratio of Cohesive Soil 

Chigozie Okafor and Clinton Aigbavboa

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