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CITC-2: Hong Kong, China

December 10-12, 2003

Conference Papers

New Forms of Non-Adversarial Contracting Focusing upon the New Engineering Contract
Construction Management Research – A Case Example

Michael Anson

Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering – The Hong Kong Experience

Martin H.C. Kwong

Construction in Transition:  Where Are We, and Where Could We Be?

Ronald McCaffer & Francis T Edum-Fotwe

Impacts of Foreign Direct Investment on China’s Construction Industry

Le Chen & Sherif Mohamed

The Analysis on Building the Mode of Circular Economy in Chinese Construction Industry

Xiao-gang Wu, Tu-qiao Zhang, & Xun Li

Predicting Probable Cost Allocation for Building Elements in Nigeria

Ajibade Ayodeji Aibinu

Implication of Catalytic Role of Current Development Finance on Private Infrastructure Project Finance in Developing Countries

K. A. K. Devapriya & Wilhelm Alfen 

Process Cost Model for Construction Quality Measurement: Feedback and Case Study

Raymond T. Aoieong, S.L. Tang, & Syed M. Ahmed

Measuring Costs of Poor Quality as Short Projects: The Case of a Construction Company

Anna Bergström and Henrik Brodén, Fredrik Karlsson and Pierre Kroona, & Per-Erik Josephson and Lasse Saukkoriipi

A Proposed Cost-Based Approach to Building Design

Hung Nguyen, Gary Smith, & Charles McIntyre

Risk and Reward of the Private Finance Initiative in the UK

Lei Zhou & David J Lowe

Cost Variances: Identification and Remediation

Robert J. Sytsma & Khalid Siddiqi

A Decision Support Model for Maintenance of a High Speed Railway System

Rik D.M. van den Berg & Saad H. Al-Jibouri

The Role of CPM Scheduling in Project Risk Analysis and Decision Making

Mark W. Cohen

Human Risk Factors in Construction

Vicknayson Thevendran & M. J. Mawdesley

Managing Value in the Construction Project Development Process

Patrick Sik-wah Fong

Weak Links in ‘Partnering’ Supply Chains?

Eddie Sze, Mohan Kumaraswamy, Toby Wong, Nicolas Yeung, & Motiar Rahman

Current Practice and Concerns of the Small- and Medium-Sized Construction Enterprises towards Supply Chain Management

Patrick X. W. Zou, Denny McGeorge, & Stanley S. C. Ng

Extending Knowledge Management across the Supply Chains in the Construction Industry: Knowledge Sharing in Construction Supply Chains

Tayyab Maqsood, Andrew D. Finegan, & Derek H.T. Walker

Improving Concrete Delivery Performance between Concrete Plant and Construction Sites - Hong Kong Experience

K.C. Ying & S.L. Tang

Measuring the Parameters of Logistics in Construction

Winston M.W. Shakantu, John E. Tookey, & Paul A. Bowen

Global Trends in Construction Procurement

Steven Humphrey, Shirley Ho, & Chui San 

Capturing and Reusing Unstructured Experiential Knowledge for Construction Procurement Selection

Duc Thanh Luu, S. Thomas Ng, & Swee Eng Chen

Reducing Construction Logistics Costs through Reverse Logistics

Winston M.W. Shakantu, John E. Tookey, & Paul A. Bowen

Determinants of Construction Manpower Demand: A Review from Literature and Practitioners’ Experience

James MW Wong, Albert PC Chan, & YH Chiang

Responsibility of Design for “Buildablity” of Construction Projects

Edwin H W CHAN, Patrick T I LAM, & Franky W H WONG

Forecasting Productivity under Thermal Environment Variations

Sherif Mohamed & Korb Srinavin

Critical Factors Influencing Construction Productivity in Thailand

Arun Makulsawatudom, Margaret Emsley, & Kuldej Sinthawanarong

Construction Foremen and their Effect on Productivity Improvement

Rigsby Larry & Torbica M. Željko

Communication of Safety-Related Information in Construction

Frank Wong, Albert PC Chang, Paul Fox, Kenny Tse, & Esther Ly

Life Safety Plan Review at the Miami International Airport

Mario Berrios

Dimensions of Product Quality and Client Satisfaction for a Large Construction Company

Peter Samuelsson,  Erik Eriksson, & Johan Graffner

An Investigation of Ethical Behavior of Construction Professionals in Quality Management
From QA to TQM in the Hong Kong Construction Industry

Linda C.N. Fan, Paul W. Fox, & Joanne C.Y. Wan

A Survey of TQM Implementation within UK Construction SME's

Nicholas Chileshe & Paul Watson

TQ-SMART: Total Quality- Self Monitoring & Assessment Rating Tool

Nicholas Chileshe, Henry .O. Nyongesa, & Paul . A. Watson

Learning by Organisations: A Study of the Attitude of Professional Services Firms in Construction towards Clients’ Feedback

Patrick Sik-wah Fong & Mandy Sau-pik Tse

Comparative Study of Partnering Practices in Hong Kong – A New Research Initiative from CII-HK

Nicolas S.Y. Yeung, Albert P. C. Chan, Linda, C.N. Fan, Patrick, T.I. Lam, & Daniel W.M. Chan

Application of Delphi Method on Critical Success Factors in Joint Venture Projects in Malaysian Construction Industry

Hamimah Adnan & Roy Morledge

Interaction Dynamics of Cooperative Alliance Relationship in Construction

Carol K. H. Hon & Linda C. N. Fan

The Governmental Role in the Development of PFI/PPP Scheme

John-Paris Pantouvakis & Fevronia Striagka

Possible PFI/PPP implementation in a Variety of Greek Industrial Sectors

Fevronia Striagka, John-Paris Pantouvakis, & Glykeria Kalfakakou

Construction Management Practice of Joint-venture Projects In Shanghai and China

Wenfa Hu & Jianguo Chen

Managing and Resolving Conflict in Project Environment

Alex Kofi Frimpong Bissah, Xiao-gang Wu, & Tuqiao Zhang

Client-Consultant Relationship in Building Development Projects in Singapore

Chew Ah Seng, David & Wong Wai Fan

Modeling the Satisfaction of Clients and Architects Based on The Performance of UK Contractors

Robby Soetanto & David G. Proverbs

Subcontractor Bidding Practices in Multiple Invitations to Tender vis-à-vis Service Trades

Vasantha Abeysekera & Benjamin Kent

International Management in Construction: Organizational Issues and Selected Empirical Findings

Charles Y.J. Cheah, Robert L.K. Tiong, & Po-Han Chen

Construction Industry‘s SMEs in the 21st Century Findings of a Case study on SMEs in the Dutch Steel Construction Industry (SCI)

Emilia, L.C. van Egmond-de Wilde deLigny, Wim, F. Schaefer, & Rolf.M.M Derckx

A Soft Approach to Solving Hard Problems in Construction Project Management

Tayyab Maqsood, Andrew D. Finegan, & Derek H.T. Walker

An Assessment Framework for Project Success in Healthcare Projects

Ada P.L. Chan, Albert P. C. Chan, & Daniel W. M. Chan

Civil Engineers and Work-family Conflict: The Role of Workplace Support on their Work and Non-work Satisfaction and Well-being

Valerie Francis

Design and Build Contracts: Design Management and the Ways Forward

Edwin H. W. Chan, Ann T. W. Yu, & L. Y. Shen

Management Profiles on Empowerment of Construction Project Team in the Singapore Construction Industry

Wong Wai Fan & David Chew Ah Seng

Searching for Success in Design-Build Projects – A Qualitative Survey of 23 Practitioners

Edmond W.M. Lam, Albert P.C. Chan, & Daniel W.M. Chan

Competitive Construction Management of Microelectronic Facilities

Stephan J. Eibl

Determinants of Construction Durations for Building Projects: A Hong Kong Perspective

Albert P.C. Chan & Daniel W.M. Chan

A Benchmark Model for Construction Durations: The Case of New Cruciform Type Public Housing Blocks

Daniel W.M. Chan & Albert P.C. Chan

Study on Reasons for Delays in Civil Engineering Project in China

Yunbo Zhang, Yong Zhang, & Lingyun Zhang

Is Construction Industry in China on Right Track?

Youjie Lu

Comparative Analysis of Civil Construction Project Type Using the Concepts of ETO(Engineering to Order)

Gustavo Brandão Soares do Nascimento & Fábio Müller Guerrini

Virtual Team Concept and Construction Project Delivery Systems: A Compatibility Analysis

Irtishad Ahmad, Salman Azhar, & Yue Wang

Application of Knowledge Management in Construction Production Management

Hamzah Abdul Rahman & M.A. Berawi

CLEVER_KM - An Innovative Tool to Assist in the Development of Knowledge Management Strategy

Larry Y.C.Cheung, Chimay J. Anumba, Patricia M. Carrillo, & Herbert S. Robinson

CLLIS - A Lessons Learned System for Knowledge Management in Construction Organizations

V. Paul Christopher Charlesraj and Satyanarayana N. Kalidindi

Development of Knowledge Management System for Small & Medium-sized Construction Companies in Korea

Tai Sik Lee & Dong Wook Lee

Evaluation of Critical Path Methods For Linear Projects

Alexandros Kallantzis & Sergios Lambropoulos

Development and Applications of Genetic Algorithm Enhanced Resource-Activity Critical-Path Method (GA-RACPM)

Ming Lu, Peng-Yi Wang, & Jian-Ping Zhang

Development of a Blueprint “Performance Indicators system” to Support Control Processes for Project Management

Menno A. Kroese & Saad H. Al-jibouri

Value Management in Hong Kong – Its Success and Barriers for Future Development

Jacky Tsang & Tony MA

Development of an Innovative Managerial Control System: An Application to the Precast Concrete Building Products Industry

Ramesh Marasini & Nashwan Dawood

SimStock: A Stockyard Layout Planning Tool for Precast Concrete Products Industry

Ramesh Marasini & Nashwan Dawood

Towards A Learning Construction Organisation: Knowledge And Human Capitalising Through A New Paradigm Of Training, “E-Learning”.

Eric Ong & Patrick X.W. Zou

HIV/AIDS in Construction: Are Workers Aware?

Theo C. Haupt & John Smallwood

Preparing the International Construction Practitioner

Brian Moore

Distance Learning Instruction to Sustain and Improve the Professional Education of Construction Managers

John M. Dye & Amaury A. Caballero

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Project Team Dynamics and Work Design

Willy Sher & Rod Gameson

Identification of Skill, Knowledge and Abilities for the Use of the Internet for Information Sharing on Construction Projects

Andrew Magub & Stephen Kajewski

Identifying the Critical Factors of IT Innovation Adoption and Implementation within the Construction Industry

Cong Huang, Norman Fisher, Anthony Spreadborough, & Marek Suchocki

CIFE iRoom—An Interactive Workspace for Multidisciplinary Decision Briefing


Investigating the Role of ICT in Improving Productivity in Construction Supply Chains in Australian Construction Industry

Tayyab Maqsood, Derek H.T. Walker, Andrew D. Finegan, & Andrew P. Staedler

Internet-based Information Communication and Management--the Application of Project Information Portal

Qinghua He

Visual - Virtual Light Facades in the Information Age


Towards Wireless Web-based Facilities Management

Seán T McAndrew, Chimay J Anumba, Tarek M Hassan, Alistair K Duke, & Mark Hughes

An Electronic Document Management System for Public Construction Projects

Chryssa Sionti, Serafim Sakellaropoulos, & Athanasios Chassiakos

Modeling the Dynamics of a Tunnel Construction Project

Nguyen Duy Long, Stephen O. Ogunlana, & Ka-Chi Lam

Suggestion of Method of Application of Web-based Collaboration System

Tai Sik Lee, Young Hyun Kim, & Hee Chul Lee

Bridge Database Management System

S.F.A. Rafeeqi, Sarosh H. Lodi, Rashid Ahmed Khan

Electronic Document Management Systems in Large Construction Projects in Greece 

John-Paris Pantouvakis

Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithms for Construction Time-Cost Optimization

Daisy X.M. Zheng & Syed M. Ahmed

Synchronize Operations Modeling and Site Layout Modeling by Augmenting the Simplified Discrete-Event Simulation Approach (SDESA)

Ming Lu, Ming Cao, & Jian-Ping Zhang

A Reactive Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedure for Construction-Site Layout

K. P. Anagnostopoulos

Study on Physical Construction Market Information System Based on B/S: A Case Study on the System of Harbin Construction Market Center

Liangbao Li & Yaowu Wang

Experimental Development of Web-based Building Information Model using 3D VML Library

Julian H. Kang, Jin Gyu Park, & Byeong-Cheol Lho

Lessons Learned in the Design and Construction of a Wastewater Earth Liner Project

Colin Duffield & Sam Yuen

The Role of Monitoring Behaviour of Innovative Structural Systems


Design Principles for Kinematic Architecture

A. Scott Howe

Studying of Elastic Plastic Behavior of Concrete Ceiling, Joints, Supports by Live Load


Adaptable Unitized Facade for High-Rise Office Buildings in Hong Kong

Raymond W. M. Wong, Jane J. L. Hao, & Patrick X. W. Zou

The Application of Precast Concrete Technology in Buildings and Civil Structures Construction: Hong Kong Experience

Raymond W. M. Wong, Jane J. L. Hao, & Patrick X. W. Zou

Construction Automation: A Drywall Robot

Neil Eldin, Joe Horlen, Erik Bruun, Elizabeth Bryson, & Shashikala Balasubramanian

Modification of Walking Bridge into Semi Heavy Load Bridge by New Steel Connection Opener

A.Turk & P.Samani

A New Construction and Technology for Offtake Tires, Their Disc Frequencies and Testing Equipment for Fatigue Tests

Miroslav Kopecky & Jan Vavro

A Taxonomy for Measuring Sustainability of Construction Projects

Onuegbu O. Ugwu, Mohan M. Kumaraswamy, & Andy Wong

Economic Principles of Sustainable Construction

Lei Zhou & David J Lowe

Improving the Sustainability of Existing Buildings

Jose Cardina

Using Sustainability Related Criteria in Construction Support Systems

Odysseus Manoliadis & Ioannis Tsolas

Environmental Management Systems: Issues of development and implementation

Julia Hicks & Valerie Francis

Critical Review on Legal Commitments for Implementing Environmental Management among Various Construction Practitioners in Hong Kong

L. Y. Shen, Vivian W. Y. Tam, C. M. Tam, Michelle Y. Y. Shiu, & K. F. Mark

Cost and Value in Sustainable Building Practice: An Exploration of Perceived and Actual Impacts on Organisational Performance

Margaret Kam & Deo Prasad

The Use of Self-compacting Concrete Technology in Sustainable Construction

M. Lachemi and K.M.A. Hossain

Use of Volcanic Debris in Innovative Construction and for Sustainable Development of Volcanic Areas

K. M. A. Hossain and M. Lachemi

Energy Saving Building Management

Ivica Završki & Martina Pavičić

Innovative Dwellings in Greece: Critical Review and Construction Cost Implications

John-Paris Pantouvaki

A Comparative Sustainability Assessment of Steel & Concrete Framed Housing Blocks in Hong Kong

Alex Amato, Richard Frewer, & Steven Humphrey

Typical Design Considerations for Construction of Long Span Flexible Roofs

A.K. Ahuja & V. Devi

The Impact of Construction Type on Single-Family Home Values Using Hedonic Estimation and Artificial Neural Network

Mohammed E. Haque & Amro Taibah

Status Assessment of Thai Construction Workers

Korb Srinavin

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