CITC-10: Colombo, Sri Lanka

July 2-4, 2018

Conference Papers

The Potential of BIM Models as Legal Construction Documents for Sustainable Growth in the Kenyan Construction Industry
Portfolio Management in the Construction Industry – Pricing Strategies Considering the Chance/Risk Ratio for Several Projects
A Review of Hospitals Functional Resilience and Performance Indicators
Labor Cost Analysis of the Design Review Process at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District Design
Impact of Lean Principles on Timely Project Completion
An exploratory study of mentoring in infrastructure development of new entry graduates in the South African construction industry
Implementing BIM for Performing Detailed Construction Estimates in the Classroom
Alternative Housing Solutions in Southern California
BIM for collaboration and coordination
Awareness and Adoption of Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Technique in the Construction Industry
Challenges Associated with Nominated Suppliers Procurement (NSP) Method in the South African Construction Industry
Preparing Construction Contractors for Post-Disaster Recovery Operations
Overview of Accelerated Bridge Construction Techniques in Highway Bridge Construction in the United States
Global Construction 2030 Market at Top Three Nations
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in the construction industry: An experiential development workflow
The application of Augmented Reality (AR) in the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry
Field Evaluation of Surface Characteristics of Microsurfacing Pavements
Remoteness, Mental Health and Safety Behaviour among Oil and Gas Workers
Quantity Uncertainties in Shuttering Works – Comparison of Public versus Private Clients
Going for Waste to Energy in Developing Countries
Reactive Powder Concrete Application in the Construction Industry in the United States
Claim Management - Fundamentals and Utilization for Industrial Construction
Improving  Productivity of Concreting Equipment: Failure Modeling
The Dilemma of Pricing Against the Backdrop of the Chance/Risk Ratio
In-Depth Bid Assessment for Unit-Priced Contracts
Factors Influencing Productivity of Concreting Equipment in Indian Construction Projects
Business Model Development for Modular Timber Building Systems
Building Information Modelling Adoption for better cost estimation: Sri Lankan perspective
Investigating Innovative Culture Level and its Influence on Labor Turnover in Organisations
Achieving Zero Accident Vision through Management’s Positive Health and Safety Culture
Conflict Management in Construction Industry: A Review Paper
Diffusion of innovations approach to explore sustainable development in the UAE built environment
Impact of Configuration Management on Safety: A Study in A Steel Manufacturing Industry
Sustainability Indicators for a Transportation Infrastructure Investor
Optimum Span Length for Steel Composite Girder Expressway Bridges
Construction Monitoring and Reporting using Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Occupational Stress and the Project Manager
Broadband Telecommunication Deployment: A Supply Side Analysis of Penetration Drivers in A Developing Country Case
Applications of Nanomaterials in Pavement Engineering: A Review
An Effective Way to Reduce Financial Loss by Safety Investment: Concept from Safety Management System
Concept of “Efficient Coordination Zone” relating to Truckmixer Deliveries Serving Construction Sites
Development of Web Stiffener Arrangements for Enhanced Web Crippling Strength
Evaluation of Different Building Structural Systems: The Case of Turkey
Stochastic Frontier Analysis of Water Supply Utility of Urban Cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Hololens – A New Teaching Tool in Construction Education
State of Practice on Project Delivery Decision-Support Models for Water and Wastewater Capital Projects
A review of client loyalty to construction professional service firms
Key Performance Indicators: Advances in Construction Projects Performance Measurement
Effective mentorship of new entry graduates in the construction industry: A Literature Review
Literature Review of the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Construction Project Management
A linear goal programming model for optimizing the usage of safety  measures on construction sites
Biological Cell Surveillance: Implication on Construction Cell
Initiating Smart City Concept for Sustainable Urban Development:  Litereture ReviewA
A Study on Payment Issues Faced by Construction Consultants in Sri Lankan Construction Industry
Leadership Assessment Tools that can be used in Managing Health and Safety in the Apparel Manufacturing Industry in Sri Lanka
Review on Photocatalysis Applications in Construction
Application of Value Engineering Concept to MEP Works in Sri Lankan Construction Industry: A Case Study
Applicability of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to Buildings: A Review
Overcoming Barriers for Women in the Construction Industry: A Review
Green Infrastructure: The Case for Low Impact Development in Coastal North Carolina
Causes of Fall of Person from Height Accidents on Building Maintenance and Repair Elevated Works in Hong Kong
An Investigation into Interpersonal Conflicts in Post-Contract Stage of Sri Lankan Construction Projects
Formation of Photocatalytic, Antibacterial and Self Cleaning TiO2 Film on Tiles
Development and Testing of Energy Efficient Designs for Single Family Homes in Pakistan
The Journey of Exploring ‘Construction as Biological Cells’ for Improving Construction Quality: Articulating the research paradigm
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Energy Efficient Single-Family Homes in Pakistan
Review on Photocatalysis Applications in Construction
A Man’s World: Opening the Door for Women in Construction Management
Performance Evaluation of Dynamic Facades
Protection of urban areas during repair work, structure demolition, and construction