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CITC-4: Gold Coast, Australia

July 11-13, 2007 

Conference Papers

Identifying the Benefits and Difficulties of Implementing Target Cost Contracts in the Construction Industry

Daniel Chan, Albert Chan, Patrick Lam, Edmond Lam and James Wong

Cash Flow Forecasting in International Construction Projects Through Financial and Project Risk Analysis

Sang Min Yeom, Seung Heon Han, & Du Yon Kim

Material Substitution and Building Life Cycle Costs

Leonora Marková, Alena Tichá, Jana Korytárová, & Vít Hromádka

Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Highways to Assist Design and Construction Decisions

Athanasios P. Chassiakos, Dimitrios D. Theodorakopoulos, & Serafim P. Sakellaropoulos

GA-Fuzzy Financial Model For Optimization Of A BOT Investment Decision

Md Mainul Islam & Sherif Mohamed

Material Focused Control During A Construction Project

Georgios N. Aretoulis, Georgios C. Papadakis, & Demos C. Angelides

An Analysis of Cost Information Management in the Electrical Contracting Sector

Tomas White & Yimin Zhu

Analysis of Three Estimation Techniques for Road User Cost

Li Wang, Yimin Zhu, & Yilei Shi

Earth-Craft Homes: Capital Versus Recurring Costs

Zuhair El-Itr, Benjamin J. Guidry, & Khalid Siddiqi

The Implementation of Earned Value Management in Construction Cost Management and Audit

Chandra Bhuta, Guomin Zhang, & Roland Horat

Potential Project Benefits From Improved Project Review Decisions

Ming Xu, Collette Burke, & Colin Duffield

Hurricane Wind Damage Simulation for Coastal and Inland Communities in Florida

K. Grosskopf, E. Kramer, & I. Bejleri

A Decision Support System for Optimal Maintenance Strategies in Highway Work Zones

Mehmet Emre Bayraktar & Makarand Hastak

Long Term Multiobjective Project Selection Under Uncertainty

José A. Faria, Thomas R. Beranek, & Beste Gul Durmus

Best Value Process in the Selection of Software Services

Sullivan, K., Kashiwagi, D., Brown, D., & Kashiwagi, J.

Transaction Costs Associated with Japanese Public Construction Procurement

Tsunemi Watanabe

Risk and Opportunity (R&O) Assessment and Related Knowledge Transfer in the Early Phases of Construction Projects – An In-Depth Study of Practice.

Vuong Tu & David Radcliffe

Risk Management of Piled Foundation Projects

Paul H K Ho

Evaluating Risk Management Practices in the Pakistani Construction Industry: The Current State of Play

Tauha Hussain Ali, Rodney A. Stewart, & Saifullah Qureshi

Catastrophic Risk Analysis of Infrastructure Systems: A Research Agenda

Charles Y.J. Cheah

Transitioning to an Information Environment: Performance Research in Large Capital Projects and Facility Management Group

Sullivan, K., Savicky, J, Kashiwagi, D., Perkins, M., & Grussing, J.

A Fuzzy Delphi Method in Determining the Most Advantageous Tender in Construction Projects

John Paris Pantouvakis & Odysseus Manoliadis

Float Loss Impact Assessment

Zafer I. Sakka & Sameh El-Sayegh

Decision Making in the Design Process of Refurbishing Projects

A. Azlan Shah, R. Ismail, & N. Noorhashimah

Risk Management Perceptions and Trends Among Construction Contractors in Pakistan

Rizwan U. Farooqui, Sarosh H. Lodi, & Farhan Saleem

A Conceptual Model for Developing KPIs for Early Phases of the Construction Process

Tatsiana Haponava, Saad Al-Jibouri, & M.Mawdesley

Proposed Approach for Developing Process-Based KPIs for Project Control During The Pre-Project Stage

Tatsiana Haponava, Saad Al-Jibouri, & M.Mawdesley 

Organizational Structure & Management Procedure in Pakistan Public Works Department

Khalid Mehmood Malik & Nayyar Khalid

Empowering Project Teams: Towards an Integrative Conceptualisation of Empowerment

Martin M. Tuuli & Steve Rowlinson

Duration-Profit Trade-Off Analysis of Construction Projects

Ahmed B. Senouci & Hassan R.Al-Derham

Delays in Construction – An Empirical Study of Contractors’ Perceptions in Pakistan Construction Industry

Rizwan U. Farooqui, Syed M. Ahmed, & Muhammad Saqib

An Artificial Neural Network Approach in Service Life Prediction of Building Components in Malaysia Based on Local Environment and Building Service Load

Siti Hamisah Tapsir, Jamaludin Mohd. Yatim, & Fathoni Usman

Factors Influencing Project Success: Perspective From Client, Consultant And Contractor

Siti Rashidah Mohd Nasir & Muhd Zaimi Abd.Majid

Investigation of Site Managers' Constraints on Construction Resources Utilisation

J. Fapohunda, P. Stephenson, A. Griffith, & N. Chileshe

Perception of Thai Professionals on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Mega Construction Projects

Shamas-ur-Rehman Toor, Stephen O. Ogunlana, & Sutapa Das

Major Factors Affecting Highway Construction Productivities

Yi Jiang

Project Inception: A Workshop Approach for Preparing the Strategic Brief

Jim Smith & Ray Wyatt

Developing a Procurement Case for Project Partnering Management: the SPACE Approach

Nicholas Chileshe & Norman Watts

A Research Framework for Investigating Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Hong Kong

Albert P.C. Chan, Patrick T.I. Lam, Daniel W.M. Chan, Esther Cheung, Tony Sidwell, & Stephen Kajewski

Motivating Contractor Performance Improvement through Measurement

Kenneth Sullivan, Dean Kashiwagi, & Nathan Chong

A Generic Framework of Performance Specifications for Specialist Works

Patrick T.I. Lam, Mohan M. Kumawaswamy, & Thomas S.T. Ng

The Stakeholder Relationship Measurements of Major Procurement Routes in Finland

Adekunle Sabitu Oyegoke

Contracting for Community Development: A Case Study Based Perspective of a Public Sector Client Initiative in Hong Kong

Gangadhar Mahesh, Mohan Kumaraswamy, Aaron Anvuur, & Vaughan Coffey

Inadequate and Unsafe Temporary Lighting in Buildings under Construction: Risks, Challenges, and Solutions

Bruce W. Smith & Salman Azhar

Health Monitoring of Civil Structures-Current Status and Perspectives

Suresh Bhalla & Ashok Gupta

Integrated Health Monitoring of Highway Bridges

Rupali Suresh, Tjin Swee Chuan, Pilate Moyo, & Umesh C. Srivastava

Accident Investigation, Blackspot Treatment, And Modeling Of Federal Route F050 Malaysia

Fajaruddin Bin Mustakim, Ismail Rahman, Basil David Daniel, & Kamaruddin Bin Ambak

Life Safety Systems: Construction of Miami Intermodal Center

Mario G. Berrios

Developing Safety Culture in Pakistan Construction Industry – An Assessment of Perceptions and Practices among Construction Contractors

Rizwan U. Farooqui, Syed M. Ahmed, & Kamalesh Panthi

Causal Relationships Between Enablers of Construction Safety Culture

Thanwadee Chinda & Sherif Mohamed

On Using Six-Sigma Principle for Quality Improvement in Construction

Vivian W. Y. Tam & Khoa N. Le

Comparison of Construction Quality Management Systems in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore

Andrew W.T. Lau & S.L. Tang

A Model For Collaborative Industrial Engineering Support and Performance Improvement of Construction Projects

Lincoln H. Forbes

Assessing the Quality Culture in Client Organizations in Pakistan Construction Industry – A Way Forward to Total Quality Management Implementation in Pakistan

Rizwan U. Farooqui, Sarosh H. Lodi, S.F.A. Rafeeqi, & Kamalesh Panthi

Analysis of Construction Site Safety Education Developments in New Zealand: Where to From Here?

L. J. Richardson, S. T. K. West, & K. L. Sanford

Lesson Learned Corrective Action in Internal Factors of Construction Company in Indonesia

Sudarto, Bambang Trigunarsyah, & Ismeth S Abidin

Long Term Indonesian Construction Industry’s Aggregate Productivity Simulation Considering Overall Business Environment

Hari G Soeparto, Budi Susilo Soepandji, Ismeth Abidin, & Bambang Trigunarsyah

An Overview of the International Construction Market

Mehmet Emre Bayraktar, Irtishad Ahmad, & Vijay Mohan Bangaru

Complex System Approach for Dynamic Performance Prediction of International Construction Projects

Heedae Park, Seung Heon Han, Hyoungkwan Kim, & Du-Yon Kim

Empirical Approach to Understand the Knowledge Management Process

Le Chen & Sherif Mohamed

Investigating the Link between Climate for Innovation and Diffusion Outcomes in Architecture and Engineering Design Organisations

Kriengsak Panuwatwanich, Rodney A. Stewart, & Sherif Mohamed

Evaluating International Technology Transfer on Thai Construction Projects: A Case Study

Tanut Waroonkun & Rodney A. Stewart

Fighting Organisational Amnesia: A Conceptual Framework to Investigate Knowledge Retention and Learning Practices in Australian Construction Organisations

Tayyab Maqsood

Applying Bayesian Belief Networks to Construction Management

Zhong Tang & Brenda McCabe

A Knowledge Map for Delay Analysis Development

Jyh-Bin Yang & Chih-Kuei Kao

Ming Knowledge in KMS Performance Data - a Case Study of an A/E Consulting Firm

Wen-der Yu, Cheng-te Lin, Cheng-tien Yu, Shen-jung Liu, Huai-ching Luo, & Pei-lun Chang

Path Model of IT Enhanced Project Information Management in Construction: Development and Implementation

Rodney A. Stewart

A Review of ICT Applications for Design and Management of Construction Projects

Salman Azhar

What Really Occurs at the Construction Site?

Ekaterini Varanou & John-Paris Pantouvakis

Using Augmented Reality to Support Coordination and Communication in Disaster Response

Xiangyu Wang

Monitoring Materials with GIS and RFIDs During a Construction Project

Maria C. Kirkinezou & Demos C. Angelides

Implementation Processes of Virtual Reality in Construction Companies

Vachara Peansupap

Digital Graphics Literacy for 21st Century Constructors

Michael F. Hein & Junshan Liu

Development of a Backward Prediction Model Based on Limited Historical Datasets

Jaeho Lee, Khoa Le, Michael Blumenstein, & Yew-Chaye Loo

Information-Centered Design Management for Effective Design Cooperation

Shin, Jae Won, Ryu, Han-Guk, & Lee, Dong-Ryul

An Overview of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems in Small and Medium Sized Organizations: Case of Florida Contractors

S. Umut Artuk, Boong Yeol Ryoo, & Ronald A. Baier

The Impact of MTO Feature on ERP Application In Construction Industry

Yanming Zheng, Chin-Sheng Chen, & Syed M. Ahmed

Implementation of a Web-Based Multi-User Task Management System in a Civil Engineering Construction Project

M. Mobin Idrees & M. N. Jadid

Evaluating the Design of Mobile Computing Systems in Construction Through Notational Support

Xiangyu Wang

Safety Information Management in Construction Firms: A Data Warehousing Approach

Salman Azhar

Selection of the Optimal Waterproofing Methods for the Rooftops of Domestic Multi-Family Housing Projects

Hyun-Seok Moon, Sang-Gab Kim, Hae-Gon Kim, Chang-Taek Hyun, Kyo-Jin Koo, & Tae-Hoon Hong

Risk Distribution Profile for Differential Column Shortening Using a Possibility Theory Approach

Tsu-Te Huang, Rodney A. Stewart, Jeung-Hwan Doh, & Dennis Song

Skyscraper Would Be Simulated to Increase Stability and Buckling Resistance Using the Palm Tree Behavior in War Condition

Afshin Turk & Shabnam Ghanavatizadeh

Template Design and Leveling Installation of Circular Cell Cofferdam Using the Space Structure and Pipe Piles on the Bahmanshir River

Afshin Turk, Pakavach Samani, & Shabnam Ghanavatizadeh

Influence of Asphalt Source, Polymer Modification and Geotextile Interlayers on Cracking Performance in Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements

Scott Shuler & Douglas I. Hanson

Maintainability Aspects of Central Chilled Water HVAC System

M.Y.L. Chew & Sutapa Das

Simplified Design for Torsion in Beams

Muhammad Azhar Saleem & Zahid Ahmad Siddiqi

Simulation-Based Scheduling Model for Multiple Design Projects Considering Uncertain Design Iterations

Wei-Chih Wang & Jang-Jeng Liu

Resource Development for Sustainability in Construction - A Case Study

Murtaza Ali Shah & Attaullah Shah

Implementing a Waste-Management-Plan Method in Construction

Vivian W. Y. Tam

Integrated Management System For Managing of Construction and Demolition Waste

Chang Hak Kim, Charles J. Kibert, Hyo Jin Kim, Leen Seok Kang, & Seong Sik Park

A Comparative Energy Consumption Study of Air Conditioning Room Between Using Double Door and Electrical Air Curtain in Hot and Humid Climate

Wannawit Taemthong

On the Prevailing Waste Recycling Methods: A Southeast Queensland

D. Kotrayothar, Vivian W.Y. Tam, & Y.C. Loo

The Construction Waste Disposal Charging Scheme in Hong Kong

J. L. Hao, Vivian W.Y. Tam, & M. J. Hills

The Application of Hydro Mulching Material for Ecological Rehabilitation of Rockfill Slope in Hong Kong

Johnny Y. N. Mok, Daniel Ho, & Hebe How

Lessons Learned From the Process of Housing Recovery After the 2003 Bam Earthquake in Iran

Alireza Fallahi

Design and Construction Defects in the Buildings of Balakot (Pakistan) and Surrounding Areas in Relation to Earthquake Loading

Muhammad Azhar Saleem & Zahid Ahmad Siddiqi

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