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  • CITC-13
    Mon, May 08
    HAN University of Applied Sciences
    We invite you to join us at our 13th International Conference in the 21st Century!











If you would like to register for CITC-12 via wire transfer, please email us directly at and we will advise on how to proceed with payment.


If your workplace or university requires an invoice for the registration fees, please contact us at and make sure to indicate your Name, Paper ID (s), Registration Type (participant/student etc,) and to whom the invoice should be addressed (Name, University or Company and Address).


If a registrant is unable to attend an event for any reason they may substitute, by arrangement with the registrar, someone else to attend in their place.

Where the registrant is unable to attend, and is not in a position to transfer his/her place to another person or to another event, then the following refund arrangements apply:



Registrations cancelled more than 60 days before the event are eligible for an 80% refund of the registration fees paid.

Registrations cancelled less than 60 days before the event are no longer eligible for a refund.



Registrations cancelled more than 30 days before the event are eligible for a refund of the registration fees paid, less a 50 USD administration charge.

No refunds are available for cancellations made within 30 days of the event.



Cancellations from authors made after a failed visa application will be refunded the registration fees paid in excess of 200 USD, which covers the costs associated with processing the paper. In this event, the paper will still be published in the conference proceedings and the registrant will receive an electronic copy of the proceedings.

Cancellations from non-authors made after a failed visa application will be refunded the registration fees paid less an administration charge of GBP50 per participant registered providing notification is received within 10 days of the event.

Important note for failed visa applications: Notification must be received by CITC Global in writing (email) no later than 10 (ten) working days before the conference starts for refunds to be eligible. Cancellations received after this cut-off time will no longer be eligible for refund. In the event that printed proceedings have been ordered and the registrant is unable to attend, additional postage charges will be applied before books will be dispatched. Refunds will be made in the following ways:

  • For payments received by credit or debit cards, the same credit/debit card will be refunded.

  • For all other payments, a bank transfer will be made to the payee nominated account.

  •  Important: For payments received from outside the US by bank transfer, the refund will be made by bank transfer and all bank charges will be for the registrants account. The policy as stated on this page is valid from November 2021. 

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