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CITC-3: Athens, Greece

September 15-17, 2005

Conference Papers

A Computational Proposal For The Efficient Use Of The Rapid Tunnel Excavation Approach

D.M. Emiris, D.K. Paterakis, & D.E. Koulouriotis

A DSS Using Multiple Time Periods for Measuring Project Uncertainty

Odysseus G. Manoliadis & John Paris Pantouvakis

A Fuzzy Logic Approach to Criticality in Scheduling

D.M. Emiris, D.E. Koulouriotis, & B. Lekou

A Hybrid Integration Strategy Using Semantic and  Context Models For The AEC Industry

Yimin Zhu & Aarti Pandit

A Method of Retrieving Similar Construction Plans for Conpla-CBR (Construction Planning by CBR)

Han-Guk Ryu, Bo-Sik Son, Moonseo Park, & Hyun-Soo Lee

A Multi Objective Linear Programming Model for   Scheduling of Linear Repetitive Projects

Pandelis G. Ipsilandis

A New Approach for Setting a Tunnel Excavation Tender Price List

Cleopatra Petroutsatou, Nikolaos Rachaniotis, & Sergios Lambropoulos

A Prototype System for the Prediction of Final Cost in Construction Projects

Georgios Aretoulis, Demos Angelides, Glykeria Kalfakakou, Georgios Fotiadis, & Konstantinos Anastasiadis

A Research Framework for Comparing the Partnering Practices in Australia and Hong Kong

APC Chan, DWM Chan, LCN Fan, PTI Lam, JFY Yeung, & AC Sidwell

A Self-Assessment Tool for Knowledge Management Implementation in the Construction Industry

Le Chen & Sherif Mohamed

A Software Tool for the Life Cycle Management of Information Technology Projects in Construction Project IT

Rodney A. Stewart

A Strategic Approach to Bridging the Gap Between Global Digital Construction and the Low-Tech Third World_ An Overview

Wilfred Masuwa Matipa & Nguesso Pandawe

A Study into the Use of On-Line Tendering and E-Procurement in the Construction Procurement Process

Pauline Corbett & Rodney Moulder

A Survey on E-Government in Chinese Construction Industry

Chunjing Shang & Changbin Liu

A Survey on Employee Satisfaction and Productivity in the A_E_C Industries

Željko M. Torbica & Jeannette M. Rivera

A Survey on Subcontractor Prequalification

Arvind Tavare, Yimin Zhu, & Weihua Mao

A Web-based Information System for Project Monitoring

Serafim P. Sakellaropoulos & Athanasios P. Chassiakos

Achieving Energy Conservation - The Role of Corporate Culture

Peter Rutland

An AHP Model for Construction Contractor Prequalification

K. P. Anagnostopoulos & A. P. Vavatsikos

An Empirical Study on E-Learning for Construction Education

Patrick X.W. Zou

An Experimental Investigation on Aggregate Gradation and W_C ratio on Strength and Cost Effectiveness of Concrete

Sunil Kumar Thattanappillil & Mohammed E. Haque

An Investigation of Pre-Construction Problems between Building Clients and Designers- A Study of Lagos State, Nigeria

Martin Oloruntobi Dada & Moruf Bello

An RFID-Based Supply Chain Management System for Curtain Walls

Su-Won Yoon, Sangyoon Chin, Yoon-Ki Choi, & Cheolho Choi

Analysis of Discontinuous Housing Prices

Ge, Xin Janet, Runeson, Goran, & Leung, Andrew, Y T

Analysis of Smoke Control Systems at Airports

Mario Berrios, Juan Zheng, & Weihua Mao

Analysis of Vibrations of Lightweight Floor Systems

S.F.A.J.G. Zegers, F. van Herwijnen, & N.A. Hendriks

Athens Metro Base Project and Extensions - Project Structuring and Management Characteristics

George Leoutsakos

Automatic Integration of Construction Images using Digital Imaging and Pattern Recognition Tools

Ioannis K. Brilakis & Lucio Soibelman

Building Construction System with Recycled Materials - An Experimental Construction of Residential Plumbing Area

Naoto Mine & Hiroki Tsutsumi

Cement/Fly Ash/Metakaolin Ternary Blends: Effects on Compressive Strengths of Mortars

Billy Wiggins & Khalid Siddiqi

Charting the Future of RTD in Construction IT- the ROADCON Roadmap

Abdul Samad (Sami) Kazi & Matti Hannus

Chosen Techniques of Construction Risk Analysis

Andrzej Minasowicz & Jacek Zawistowski

CMU Elastomers and Window Safety Films-  Dual-Use Retrofit Technologies for Airblast and Wind-load Protection

K.R. Grosskopf

Comparative Analysis of BOOT and BOT System For Project Delivery of Public Projects

Mihir Soneji & Chandrakant Bhuta

Comparing PMBOK To The Greek Construction   Production Process

J.P. Pantouvakis & E. Voulgari

Construction Management Education at Universities of Technology

Theo C Haupt & Ferdinand Fester

Construction Sector Risk Considerations on PPP Projects in Greece

Athena Roumboutsos, Konstantinos P. Anagnostopoulos, & Antonios – Athanassios Milonas

Contractors’ Pricing for Time-Related Contract Risks at the Tendering Stage

Maria C. Yau & Edwin H.W. Chan

Contribution of Czech Construction Classification on West-European Construction Market

Tomáš Hanák

Cost Management Under Construction Management (CM) Contracts-In the Case of Large Building Projects in Finland

Juhani Kiiras, Matti Kruus, & Pekka Huovinen

Critical Success Factors of TQM- Regression Analysis versus Structural Equation Modelling Approach

Nicholas Chileshe

Data Requirement Analysis Of Construction Scheduling Methods

J.P. Pantouvakis & E. Petroulopoulou

Dealing with Construction Waste- Policies and Response

Emilia.L.C. van Egmond – de Wilde de Ligny, Anja Kuijsters, & Alfredo Serpell

Developing a Common “AEC” Extranet for Regional Networking of Professional Practice

Edwin H.W. Chan & Henry Suen

Developing an Airy Timber Frame Wall

Faas Moonen

Developing Main-Contractor -- Subcontractor Long-Term Relationships- Current Practice and Strategies

Patrick X.W. Zou & Teck-Heng Lim

Developing Public Private Partnership in Croatia  - A Pilot Public Building Project

Sasa Marenjak, Vladimir Skendrovic, & Josip Cengija

Developing Public Private Partnerships in Denmark  –The Role of Construction Firms in Networked Public Services

Martine Buser & Christian Koch

Economic Aspects of Composite Beam Using Trapezoidal Web Profiled Sections with Unequal Flange

Mahmood Md. Tahir, Thong Chin Mun, & Siew Liang Phor 

Economic Aspects of Safety in the Construction Industry

Georgios D Panopoulos & Richard T Booth

Effect of National Culture on Construction Project Management

Peter Rutland

Effect of Soil Stabilization on California Bearing Ratio and Pavement Construction Cost

Saad Abo-Qudais & Naseem Matalka

Efficiency Improvement Through the Life-Cycle Process of Curtain Wall Construction

Yea-Sang Kim, Soon Oh Jung, Chang Duk Kim, & Jae Youl Chun

Engineering and Construction Features of an Extremely Complicated Redevelopment Project in the Densely Built-up area of Hong Kong

Raymond W M Wong

Enhancing Construction Materials Recyclability

Abdol R. Chini & Stuart Bruening

Evaluating the Impact of Pressure and Leakage Management Strategies on Urban Water Systems- A Trial Study

Mark Girard & Rodney A. Stewart

Evaluation of an Automatic Monitoring System of Surface Displacements at _Prinotopa_ Landslide of Egnatia Odos

Konstantinos Lakakis

Expected Reduction in Workers’ Compensation Claims for Owner Controlled Insurance Programs

Gouranga C. Banik & Frank J. Bickerstaff

Expert Views and Analysis of the New Yellow Book (Plant Contract)

Ayman H. Nassar

Exploring Delays of Korea Express Railroad Project using Macro – Microscopic Approach

Sung Min Yun, Sang Hyuk Park, & Seung Heon Han

Factors for Implementation of Affordable Housing in Saudi Arabia

Sadi Assaf & Muhammed Mubashir Ali

Framework of Construction Management Task Map for Integrated Project Management Systems

Boong-yeol Ryoo & Ronald A. Baier

Global Infrastructure as Counter Measures for Disaster Caused by Climate Change

Keizo Baba

Global Project Management_ Pre-project Planning for International Construction Projects

Scott W. Kramer & Hiliary H. Henderson

Higher Education- A Global View of Construction through Study Abroad

Scott W. Kramer, Michael F. Hein, & John D. Murphy

How Would the Management of Design Projects Change into the Future

Francis Tekyi Edum-Fotwe & Antony Thorpe

Hurricane Survivability for Manufactured Housing- A Case Study in Disaster Mitigation for Low-Income Housing

K.R. Grosskopf

ICT Usage and Proficiency Level of Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry Educators in Nigeria

Olukayode Sunday Oyediran

Identifying Segregation in Asphalt Pavements Using Rapid, Non-Destructive Techniques

Scott Shuler, Andrew Creteau, & Kim Gilbert

Impact of Contract Language on Implementation of TQM in the Building Construction Industry

Hazem Elzarka

Impact of Organisation Size and TQM Maturity on Implementation of TQM- Empirical Findings From The UK Construction Related SMEs

Nicholas Chileshe & Paul Watson

Implementation of Methods in Architecure and Civil Engineering

Elmar Erdell & -Ing. Udo Lindemann

Implementing Data Warehousing in the Construction Industry- Opportunities and Challenges

Irtishad Ahmad & Salman Azhar

Improving Efficiency of Materials Management Using CDPM Methodology

Mohammed Kashif ul Asad & Sadi Assaf

Improving Organizational Performance of Construction Management Processes

Alfredo Serpell & Jaime Herdoiza

Increasing the Competitiveness of Construction Industry Through Life Long Learning

Dubravka Bjegović & Ivica Završki

Information and Communication Technology- Organisational and Supply Chain Adoption and Diffusion - An Australian Case Study

Andrew J. Wilson

Information System for Construction Management of Highways

Ratko Mitotic

Innovative Application of Information Technology in China Construction Engineering Management- status quo, question and some advice

Chunjing Shang & Changbin Liu

Integrated Process-oriented Selection Method for the most efficient Construction Techniques

Bernhard Schaiter & Gerhard Girmscheid

Interoperability in Construction Software Solutions- Re-Inventing Web Based Project Management

Anoop Sattineni

K-Nut Factor of High Strength Bolts

Khairedin M. Abdalla

Key Management Decisions Crucial for the Success or Failure of Construction Projects

Mladen Radujkovic & Maria Parova

Leadership Required to Change the Culture of Construction

Paul Murphy, Jacob Kovel, Dean Kashiwagi, Kenneth Sullivan, Marie Kashiwagi, & Syed M Ahmed

Learning from Failures in Operations

Christian Koch

Leonardo da Vinci Programmes - Tools for Improvement of Construction Managers Mobility Across European Union

Andrew Minasowicz & Paul O. Nowak

Lessons Learned from Two PFI Road Projects in the UK

Rıfat Akbiyikli & David Eaton

Lifecycle Oriented Construction and Maintenance of Traffic Tunnels – Strategy Assessment to Develop Tunnel Drainage Systems with Low Calcification and Minimal Required Maintenance

Tobias Gamisch & Gerhard Girmscheid

Longest Path Time-Cost Analysis of Construction Projects with Generalised Activity Constraints

Athanasios P. Chassiakos

Management Contractor - At What Stage Should it be Appointed?

S.L. Tang & C.S. Chan

Managing Inter-Enterprise Information Exchange in Construction VOs

Abdul Samad (Sami) Kazi

Modelling Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Services Organisations

Nicholas Chileshe, Paul Watson, & Dmitry Maslow

Multicriteria Construction Project Scheduling Method  Using Evolutionary Algorithm

Piotr Jaskowski & Anna Sobotka

New Partnering Models and their Success Factors in the  Swiss Construction Market

Gerhard Girmscheid

Noise Generated by Construction Power Tools

Jimmie Hinze

On the Strengths and Weaknesses of Real Options Analysis for Investment Decisions

Andrew J. Wilson

Optimising Tender Process Outcomes Through Effective and Efficient Organisational and Project Knowledge Identification and Capture

Andrew J. Wilson

Performances of double-skin envelopes in Mediterranean Areas

Francesco Fiorito & Paolo Pastore

Policy Framework for Management of Physical Infrastructure in Pakistan

Sarosh Hashmat Lodi, Khalid Iqbal, Rizwan Ul Haque Farooqui, & Sahibzada Farooq Ahmed Rafeeqi

PPP in Switzerland - Economic Comparison For Street Maintenance and Rehabilitation Delivery Models

J. Dreyer & G. Girmscheid

Predicting Effectiveness of Construction Project Management- Decision-Support Tool for Competitive Bidding

Arvydas Juodis & Rasa Apanaviciene

Predicting Safe Work Behaviour- The Case of Pakistan

Tauha H. Ali & Sherif Mohamed

Presentation of the Hellenic Construction Economics Institute

Hellenic Construction Economics Institute

Preventing Corruption in Public Works— Rediscovering the Function of Surety Bonding System

Xiaomei Deng

Prices of Structural Works and Production Costs

Leonora Marková

Profit Forecasting Model for International Projects Using Multiple Regression Analysis and Neural Networks

Du Yon Kim, Sang Min Yeom, Seung Heon Han, & Myung Jin Chae

Quantitative Risk Management Model for General Contractors

Th. A. Busch & G. Girmscheid

Reducing Impact of Construction Operations on the Environment

Hazem Elzarka

Relational Contracting Culture and Teambuilding prospects and perspectives in Singapore

M. Motiar Rahman & Mohan M. Kumaraswamy

Reliability Construction of Multi-story Reinforced Concrete Buildings

Toshihiko Yamamoto

Risk Management Analysis  during Contract Preparation of Co-financed Projects

Konstantinos C. Zapounidis, Betty A. Partsalidou, & Glykeria Kalfakakou

Risk Management Process Applied on Motorway Service Areas

Petros S. Evgenikos & David J. Ling

Risks to the Construction Costs due to Changes in Energy Prices

Syed Amir Raza & Khalid Ahmed Khan

Role of Construction in the Poor Performance of Deck Panel Bridges

Atiq Alvi, Ivan Gualtero, Niranjan Pai, Rajan Sen, & Gray Mullins

Rudiments of a New Foundation Concept

Faas Moonen

Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Columns  With Rectangular Spiral Shear Reinforcement

Chris G. Karayannis & George M. Sirkelis

Siphon and Submerge Pipeline, Design and Behaviour using the Reptile Skeleton and Accordion Connection

Afshin Turk & Shabnam Ghanavati-zadeh

Strategy of Project Management Information System for Subcontractor

Tai Sik Lee, Young Hyun Kim, & Ja Kyung Koo

Studies of Emergency Management Procedures in Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom

Eleana Asimakopoulou, Chimay J Anumba, & Dino Bouchlaghem

Supply Chain Management in Constuction Procurement System

Anna Sobotka & Agata Czarnigowska

Support Tool for Comparable Life Cycle Oriented Decision Taking

M. J. Kapp & G. Girmscheid

Sustainability and Performance of Projects

Odysseus Manoliadis & John Paris Pantouvakis

Sustainable Engineering as a Tool for Improving the Manufactured Housing Industry within the United States

Donald D. Liou & G. Bruce Gehrig

The Application of OLAP Technology in Monitoring Construction Cost

Alexander Maravas, Alexandros Kallantzis, & Sergios Lambropoulos

The Confucianism Quality Management Philosophy in ISO9000 and    Total Quality Management (TQM) in Hong Kong

Johnny Y. N. Mok & Hebe How

The Construction in Lithuania and Their Transformation in 21st Century

Arvydas Juodis & Nerijus Varnas

The DCM model- A Strategy for Implementing the  Information Technology Techniques at the Construction Phase 

Zubair Ahmed Memon, Muhd Zaimi Abd.Majid, & Mushairry Mustaffar

The Determination of Rut Susceptibility of Carbon Fiber Modified Asphalt Binders in Hot-Mix Asphalt

R. Christopher Williams, Andrea N. Kvasnak, & Bruce Wiljanen

The Facility Manager Information Worker of the Future

Patrick Okamura, Kenneth Sullivan, Dean Kashiwagi, Marie Kashiwagi, & Syed M Ahmed

The Health Status of South African Construction Workers

Theo C Haupt, Claire Deacon, & John Smallwood

The Influence of Construction Management Work Experience on University Students’ Academic Achievement

Scott W. Kramer

The Process of Partnering- Gluing Contracts,  Organizing and Financing Together

Christian Koch, Stefan C. Gottlieb, & Christian Thuesen

The Project Management Office a Centre of Knowledge Excellence

Dale Christenson & Derek H.T. Walker

The Role of Continuing Professional Development  (CPD) in Formal Higher Education

Paul Watson

The Social Discount Rate and Project Appraisal

K. P. Anagnostopoulos & F. Kalpakis

Unleashing Innovation and Creativity through Managing Knowledge in Supply Chains_ Creating the Learning Chains

Tayyab Maqsood, Derek Walker, & Andrew Finegan

Using a Multiobjective Local Search Procedure  for Construction Time-Cost Analysis 

K. P. Anagnostopoulos & L. G. Kotsikas

Validating the Specialist Task Organization (STO) Route through the Organization Theories and Empirical Studies

Adekunle Sabitu Oyegoke

Vendor Selection in Construction Projects

Odysseus Manoliadis & Ioannis Tsolas

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