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CITC-13: Arnhem, Netherlands

May 8-11, 2023

Conference Papers

PAPER 246 - Arun Garg, Fahim Tonmoy, Oz Sahin and Sherif Mohamed
Development of resilience index for safety critical organizations using a fuzzy synthetic evaluation approach

PAPER 411 - Oluwatobi Mary Owojori, Chioma Okoro and Nicholas Chileshe
Assessing the Potential of Adaptive Reuse in South Africa: An Integrative Review using PESTEL Analysis

PAPER 747 - Matt Stevens and John Smolders
A Regulatory Transformation Case Study in Construction: Past Tense and Future Perfect

PAPER 760 - Joseph Kwame Ofori-Kuragu, Saul Humphrey and Mark Tree
Hindrances to the uptake of offsite construction

PAPER 838 - Attaullah Shah and Hafiz Ehsan U Qazi
Strengths Opportunities Weaknesses and Challenges (SWOC) analysis of Online Education for teaching Urban Planning Construction in Pandemics

PAPER 877 - Vivek Sharma, Ayushi Raj Dua, Dhaval Gajjar and Harnish Sharma
Systematic Literature Review on Impact of Low slope vs. Steep Slope Roof Membrane Color on Energy Efficiency

PAPER 915 - Faheem Vahed and Abimbola Windapo
Key Contributors to Delays on Road Construction Projects in South Africa

PAPER 1527 - Abimbola Windapo, Kgomotso Sekgoele and Mochelo Lefoka
Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the adoption of E-Procurement in the South African Construction Industry

PAPER 1764 - Amna Salman
Impact of COVID-19 on the Construction Industry: A Case-Study of Disruptions and Recovery Strategies

PAPER 1769 - Opeoluwa Akinradewo, Clinton Aigbavboa, Matthew Ikuabe and Samuel Adekunle
Building Information Modelling for Project Planning: Benefits to the Construction Industry

PAPER 1869 - James Olaonipekun Toyin, Modupe Cecilia Mewomo, Iseoluwa Joanna Mogaji and Margaret Damilola Oyewole
An Overview of BIM as a Material Management Tool in the Construction Industry

PAPER 2000 - Hanane Bouhmoud, Dalila Loudyi, Salman Azhar, Andrea Giordano and Mounia Farah
Post-COVID-19 BIM adoption, Challenges and Perspectives among AEC firms in Africa: Case of Morocco

PAPER 2184 - Lama Abumoeilak and Salwa Beheiry
Drivers for Effective BIM Implementation: PEST and Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach for Sustainable Construction Decision- Making in UAE

PAPER 2328 - Olusegun Oguntona, Opeoluwa Akinradewo, Onalerona Mokono and Clinton Aigbavboa
Awareness Level of Construction Professionals Towards Futuristic Building Materials in South Africa

PAPER 2367 - Yang Yang and Bowen Zheng
Development of a Multi-life cycle assessment framework for temporary modular housing

PAPER 2550 - Ifedolapo Babalola and Clinton Aigbavboa
Evaluating Training and Development Features of Human Resource Management Practices in the Nigerian Construction Industry

PAPER 2692 - Chioma Okoro and Nnedinma Umeokafor
A Review of Technology Application and Benefits in Comprehensive Facilities Management for Housing Quality Assurance

PAPER 2746 - Olushola Akinshipe, Clinton Aigbavboa and Nikiwe Nhantumbo
Health and Safety Management in the Digital Age: Exploring Baneful Elements of Digitalisation

PAPER 2826 - Inas Al Khatib, Fatima Alsuwaidi, Norhan Ahmed and Salwa Beheiry
A Comparative Study of Green and Living Buildings

PAPER 2851 - Hang Liu, Shintaro Suzuki, Akihiko Hyodo and Keita Mizushina
Service and application under cyber physical system: information integrating and sharing for smart buildings and facilities in real-time

PAPER 2928 - Khalid Siddiqi and Daniel Branham
Profitabe Development of Floodplain Plagued Parcels

PAPER 2950 - Iseoluwa Joanna Mogaji, Modupe Cecilia Mewomo and James Olaonipekun Toyin Key Barriers to the Adoption of 3D Printing Innovation in Construction: A Review of Empirical Studies
PAPER 3079 - Alireza Moghayedi, Karen Le Jeune, Mark Massyn and Kathy Michell          Identification of Constraints on Utilizing Energy-Efficient Technological Innovations in South African Warehouses
PAPER 3188 - Ricky Lau, John Kwong, Albert Chan, M. W. Chan, Dennis Oppong, W. Q. Liu, Amos Darko and Michael Adabre
Development of a Cashflow Model for Monitoring Hospital Project Performance

PAPER 3355 - Fortune Aigbe, Clinton Aigbavboa and Lekan Amusan

PAPER 3675 - Maged Naguib and Ameer Buhari
Industry 4.0: Towards Built Environment Digital Transformation

PAPER 3938 - Salma Ahmed and Sameh El-Sayegh
Sustainability-Specific Criteria for The Selection of Project Delivery Methods

PAPER 4088 - Katie Loughmiller, Derek Clements and Stacy Harris
Tiny Houses - Big Learning: Impact of building industry summer camp on middle grade females

PAPER 4123 - Margaret Damilola Oyewole, Modupe Cecilia Mewomo and James Olaonipekun Toyin
Utilization of Corncob Ash as a Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete: A Review

PAPER 4377 - Pavan Meadati and Parminder Juneja
Mixed Reality For Teaching Concrete Formwork

PAPER 4527 - Yara Mattar, Mariam Alali and Salwa Beheiry
Comparative Review of the Living Building Challenge Certification

PAPER 4747 - Peter Adekunle, Clinton Aigbavboa, Kenneth Otasowie and Matthew Ikuabe         Evaluating the Implementation of Machine Learning Techniques in the South African Built Environment
PAPER 4826 - Ifedolapo Babalola and Clinton Aigbavboa
An Overview of Human Resource Management Practices in the Nigerian Construction Industry

PAPER 4872 - Poorang Piroozfar, Alex Judd, Simon Boseley, Andre Viljoen, Fadi Castronovo and Eric Farr
Enhancing User Experience through VR: Case of an Urban Agriculture Participatory Design Experiment

PAPER 5173 - Wilasinee Samniang, Kriengsak Panuwatwanich, Somnuk Tangtermsirikul and Seksan Papong
BIM-LCA Integration for Carbon Emission Assessment in Construction Industry: Systematic Review and Research Opportunities

PAPER 5361 - Haseeb Haleem Shaikh, Noor Yasmin Zainun and Shabir Hussain Khahro
Post-Pandemic Factors Improving Performance in Building Projects of Sindh. A Contractor Perspective

PAPER 5398 - Monde Manga and Fidelis Emuze
Prerequisites for Achieving Value For Money in the Eastern Cape Department of Transports’ Roads Infrastructure delivery

PAPER 5457 - Matt Stevens and John Smolders
Stakeholder Power and Mutual Dependence: Contractors are Caught in an Economic Vise

PAPER 5476 - Samuel Adekunle, Clinton Aigbavboa, Matthew Ikuabe and Opeoluwa Akinradewo
Barriers to implementing GreenBIM in the construction industry: A developing country study

PAPER 5502 - Imran Mehmood, Heng Li, Shahnawaz Anwer and Waleed Umer
Machine learning-based recognition of mental fatigue in construction equipment operators using facial features

PAPER 5569 - Scott Oconnell, Hord Arsalan and Paul Hampton
Impact of emerging digital technologies on offsite construction: insights from literature

PAPER 5603 - Alireza Moghayedi, Bankole Awuzie, Karen Le Jeune, Mark Massyn and Temitope Omotayo
Modelling the impact of technological innovations on the sustainability of South African affordable housing projects

PAPER 5618 - Wanda Buhle Mpingana, Opeoluwa Akinradewo, Clinton Aigabavboa and Percy Bongokuhle Msibi
Exploring Data Science Applications for Construction Project Performance in the South African Construction Industry.

PAPER 5839 - Scott Kramer and Randy Mallo
US Army Corps of Engineers: Improving HVAC System Commissioning Specifications to be More Efficient

PAPER 6243 - Poorang Piroozfar, Simon Boseley, Alex Judd, Andre Viljoen, Fadi Castronovo and Eric Farr
VR as a Collaborative Design Tool for Urban Agriculture: An Alternative to Urban Map Walks Methodology

PAPER 6286 - Kleopatra Petroutsatou, Ilias Ladopoulos and Iason Kosmidis
Scientometric Analysis and Machine Learning as Tools for Predicting Construction Equipment’s Economical Factors

PAPER 6373 - Ornella Tanga, Clinton Aigbavboa, Kudzai Mbowa and Chika Okafor
Drivers of Information Communication Technologies Adoption in the South African Construction Organisations

PAPER 6552 - Kenneth Otasowie, Clinton Aigbavboa, Ayodeji Oke and Peter Adekunle
Contributing Factors to Relational Conflict in Construction Project Delivery in South Africa

PAPER 6568 - Tariq Umar and Andrew Tawfik
The Implications of Interim Payment Certificate in UK: A Literature Review

PAPER 6580 - Dania Abuhalimeh, Ahmed Shahin, Yara Elenany and Salwa Beheiry
Material Passports for the End-of-Life Stage of Buildings: A Systematic  Review of Benefits & Challenges

PAPER 6614 - Muhammad Umer, Dr. Eric M. Wetzel and Prof. Rizwan Farooqui
Incorporating Safety in Construction Contracts- The Experience from the Construction Industry of Pakistan

PAPER 6648 - Vuthea Min, Kriengsak Panuwatwanich and Koji Matsumoto
Contractor's Controlling Factors Contributing to Effective Construction Waste Management in Building Construction

PAPER 6723 - Thabo Ndadi and John Smallwood
The Impact of Project Performance on the Image of the Construction Industry in Botswana

PAPER 6755 - Matthew E Cambre, Salman Azhar and Busra Yucel
The Future of Malls: Examining the Malls Closure and How This Space May Be Reutilized?

PAPER 6859 - Lerato Aghimien, Douglas Aghimien, Olugbenga Oladinrin, Clinton Aigbavboa and Lerato Mokwena
Green Retrofitting of Existing Buildings in South Africa

PAPER 7128 - Muhammad Umer, Eric Wetzel, Salman Azhar and Kasia Leousis
Benefits and Limitations of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)- A Review of Literature

PAPER 7143 - Chika Okafor, Clinton Aigbavboa, Eziyi Ibem and Opeoluwa Akinradewo
Opportunities in BIM-Industry 4.0 Integration in the Architecture, Engineering, Constructions and Management (AECOM) Sector

PAPER 7374 - Mohlomi Terah Raliile and Theodore Haupt
Appraising the Prevalence of Task Demands among the Construction Workforce in South Africa

PAPER 7423 - Frank Ghansah and Weisheng Lu
Critical Challenges of Quality Assurance of Cross-border Construction Logistics and Supply Chain During COVID-19 Pandemic: An International Expert Survey

PAPER 7483 - Nuradil Zhanguatov and Abid Nadeem
Trombe Wall Performance in Multiple Climates: A Simulation Study

PAPER 7607 - Arun Garg, Fahim Tonmoy, Sherif Mohamed and Harry Kanasa

PAPER 7626 - Hord Arsalan and David Heesom
From Heritage BIM to Historic (Digital) Twins: A initial bibliometric analysis of subject coalescence for Architectural Heritage

PAPER 7758 - Darren Benecke, Eric Simpeh and John Smallwood
The Use of Smart Contracts to Assist in Mitigating Payment Inefficiencies

PAPER 7801 - Olushola Akinshipe, Clinton Aigbavboa and Ar-Rafi Ali
Exploring Digital Risk Management for Building Life Cycle Phases

PAPER 7974 - Matthew Ikuabe, Clinton Aigbavboa, Samuel Adekunle and Opeoluwa Akinradewo Synthesizing Construction Professionals’ Perception of Construction 4.0 in South Africa
PAPER 8012 - Abdulrasheed Madugu Abdullahi, Sarajul Fikri Mohamed, Mohd Saidin Misnan, Fonbeyin Henry Abanda and Rilwan Shuaib Abdulrahman
Recent Advances in 5D BIM Cost Control: A Novel Ontological Approach

PAPER 8089 - Stefan Sedivy
Identification of the most serious barriers slowing down the process of the construction sector transformation towards the Construction 4.0 platform

PAPER 8202 - Mohsen Garshasby and Saeed Rokooei
Investigating Effectiveness of Construction Education in Collaborative Environments: Learning Within Discipline vs. Across Disciplines

PAPER 8296 - David Gunderson, Manideep Tummalapudi, Vijayeta Malla and Ninad Doke
Factors Contributing to Success: Self-Performing Framing and Drywall Scopes on a Construction Project

PAPER 8518 - Angie Judith Garcia Martinez, Dr Suresh Renukappa, Dr Subashini Suresh, Victor J. Severino De La Cruz and Dr Paul Hampton
Implementation of remote working in the  Latin-American construction industry

PAPER 8555 - Dandan Li, Lie Ma and Qingping Zhou
Understanding Sustainable Delivery Organized by Construction Firms-An Analytical Framework

PAPER 8686 - Fortune Aigbe, Clinton Aigbavboa and Lekan Amusan

PAPER 8737 - Olusegun Oguntona, Opeoluwa Akinradewo, Usiphile Ndoda and Clinton Aigbavboa        Perquisites of Social Media Applications in the South African Construction Industry
PAPER 8804 - Konstantinos Kounnas, Ezekiel Chinyio, Emmanuel Daniel and Nnaemeka Nwankwo
A Cypriot perspective of the Impact of procurement on Disputes

PAPER 8908 - Jocelyn Buluran, Yasmin Hannah De Ocampo, Patricia Danielle Evangelio and Hans Jericho Francisco
The Identification and Impact of Constraints to the Quality of Construction Projects in Manila, Philippines

PAPER 8974 - Kenneth Otasowie, Clinton Aigbavboa, Ayodeji Oke and Peter Adekunle
Drivers of Agent Control Mechanisms in Construction Project Procurement in Nigeria

PAPER 9098 - Lama Abumoeilak, Abdulla Al Zarooni, Alya Al Quraidi and Ghassan Abu Lebdeh   Dwellers’ Perception of Choosing 3D-Printed Residential Units Over Conventional in the UAE:
A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

PAPER 9385 - Peter Adekunle, Clinton Aigbavboa, Kenneth Otasowie and Matthew Ikuabe
Benefits of Blockchain Technology in the Prefabricated Construction Industry

PAPER 9519 - Mark Kenneth Lindo, Zaide Rian Esbieto, Bryant Joshua Magtibay and Lance Kristian Nangel
The Emerging Constraints in the Implementation of Prefabrication for Public Housing in the Philippines using Principal Component Analysis

PAPER 9632 - Nnaemeka Nwankwo, Dr. Emmanuel Daniel, Dr. Ezekiel Chinyio and Dr. Louis Gyoh Exploring the application of IOT for energy efficient buildings in Nigeria. A Review
PAPER 9644 - Douglas Aghimien, Clinton Aigbavboa, Ayodeji Oke, Olugbenga Oladinrin and Ahmad Taki
A Delphi Exploration of Construction Digitalisation in South Africa

PAPER 9825 - Tariq Umar and Abbas BozorgzadehThe Implementations of Smart Monitoring on Construction Sites – A Literature Review
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