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CITC-12: Amman, Jordan
May 16-19, 2022
Conference Papers

The Difference Between IRR and NPV in Capital Investment Appraisals.

S.L. Tang


A Review of Facilities Management Guidelines for the Living Environment of the Elderly.

Ibukun Oluwadara Famakin, Ramabodu Molusiwa, Clinton Aigbavboa


Comparative Analysis of Critical Success Factors for Smart and Sustainable Developments Between Organizations and Among Construction Professionals.

Ibukun Oluwadara Famakin, Clinton Aigbavboa, Ramabodu Molusiwa


Career Choice and It’s Influencing Factors: Perception of Female Construction Students.

Mariam Akinlolu and Theo C. Haupt


Making the ‘Available Desirable’ Using Adaptive Reuse (AR) in Sustainable Construction: A Systematic Review and Directions from Case Studies.

Oluwatobi Owojori, Chioma Okoro


Success Factors for Effectively Implementing Lean Practices in The Construction Industry: A Case Of North West Province, South Africa.

Khotso Dithebe, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, Clinton Aigbavboa and Kamohelo Sello


Learning From Construction Accidents: Input, Process and Context.

Albert P.C. Chan, Tracy, N.Y. Choi, Yang Yang and Zhang Qingwen


A Theoretical Assessment of Causes for Deferred Maintenance of Public Buildings in Developing Countries-The Kingdom of Eswatini.

Matse Ncamiso, Mashwama Nokulunga and Aigbavboa Clinton and Thwala Didibhuku


Experimental Analysis of Aggregate Densities and Deflections for Compaction Quality Control with Light Weight Deflectometer.

Yi Jiang, Shuo Li, Guangyuan Zhao


Critical Success Factors for Human Resource Management Practices in the Nigerian Construction Industry: A Delphi Approach. 

Helen Babalola and Clinton Aigbavboa


An Evaluation on the Implement of Artificial Intelligence Technology on South African Construction Projects.

Mokgaetji Gift Phaladi, Xolile Nokulunga Mashwama, Clinton Ohio Aigbavboa


Challenges of Public-Private Partnerships in Low-Income Housing Provision in Nigeria. 

Babatunde Ogunbayo, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Opeoluwa Akinradewo


Assessment of Maintenance Needs in Public Educational Institutions Residential Facility. 

Babatunde Ogunbayo, Clinton Aigbavboa, Didibhuku Thwala, Opeoluwa Akinradewo and Olusegun Oguntona


Unravelling the Encumbrances to Better Information Management Among Quantity Surveyors in the 4IR: A Qualitative Study.

Samuel Adeniyi Adekunle, Clinton Ohis Aigbavboa, Obuks Ejohwomu, Opeyemi Olanrewaju Oyeyipo, and Wellington Didibhuku Thwala


Preliminary Assessments Of Washrooms Conditions In Malaysia Hospital Buildings. 

Christtestimony Jesumoroti and Soo Khor


Production Planners’ Scope Of Action In The Context Of Digital Twin Construction.

Jhonattan G. Martinez, Timson Yeung, Rafael Sacks


An Experimental Investigation on Strength Characteristics of Concrete Using Wastepaper Sludge Ash (WPSA). 

Tariq Umar, Abdullah Tahir, Nnedinma Umeokafor, Amalka Nawarathna, Asad Zia Mohamed shaik Honnur Vali


Effects of Employee Turnover on Employee Performance in the South African Construction Industry-A Review. 

Sally Chauke, Nokulunga Mashwama, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Wellington Thwala


Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates in the Construction Industry. 

Michele Herrmann


BIM Material Passport to Support Building Deconstruction and a Circular Economy.

Musab Jamal Maraqa, Sabrina Spatari


Experimental Analysis of Aggregate Densities and Deflections for Compaction Quality Control with Light Weight Deflectometer.

Yi Jiang, Shuo Li, Guangyuan Zhao


Bibliometric Analysis of Factors Influencing Poor Performance of Water Infrastructure.

Gift Laolang, Innocent Musonda, Motheo Meta Tjebane


3D Simulation Game for Teaching Concrete Formwork.

Pavan Meadati, and Parminder Juneja


Willingness Of Users To Adopt Blockchain Technology On Construction Projects.

Benedict Amade, Achimba Chibueze Ogbonna, Leonard Chijioke Raphael, Dominic Anosike Obodoh and Ogaga Linus Okore


Systematic Literature Review on Sustainable Construction Strategies for the Development of Affordable Housing. 

Traci-Lee Ferlito, Innocent Musonda, Motheo Meta Tjebane, Adetayo Onososen


Agibuild: A Proposed Framework for Agile Building Adaptation Project Management Based on Literature Review.

Pearl Li Ng, Malik Khalfan and Tayyab Maqsood


Collaboration As A Multifaceted Skill Set In Construction Education.

Saeed Rokooei, Mohsen Garshasby


Challenges Of Sustainable Construction Projects Delivery.

Salma Ahmed and Sameh El-Sayegh


Decision Tree Analysis In Project Risk Management: A Systematic Review. 

Aynur ZAKU, Furkan UYSAL


Building Information Modelling Mandates and Government Efforts: A Systematic Review. 

Motheo Meta Tjebane, Innocent Musonda, Adetayo Onososen


Key Indicators for Successful Value Management Performance in the Built Environment (A Literature Review).

Comfort Olubukola Iyiola, and Modupe Cecilia Mewomo


A Critical Review of Barriers Hindering BIM Integration of Operation and Maintenance Phase in Existing Buildings.

James Olaonipekun Toyin, Modupe Cecilia Mewomo


Environmental Sustainability Assessment of Wastewater Treatment Processes: Case Study.

Fayiz Juem, Sarah Sinno, Maruf Mortula


The Impact of Project Context on Management Practices in the North Cyprus Construction Industry.

 Balkiz Yapicioğlu


Improving Health and Safety (H&S) on South African Construction Projects with Industry 4.0.

Nobukhosi Mazibuko, and John Smallwood


Factors Influencing Selection of a Project Manager for Energy Retrofit Projects in Ghana.

John Dadzie, Brookman Asare-Dadzie, Susan Djokoto


An Assessment of Trade Unions in the South African Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.

Olusegun Aanuoluwapo Oguntona, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Mogale Mpotwane


Research Methods in Construction Robotics and Human-Robot Teams: - A Scientometric and Systematic Review.

Adetayo Onososen, Innocent Musonda and Molusiwa Ramabodu


Evaluation of Atmospheric Exposure Test on Structural Steel and Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel in the East of Thailand.

Ugen Tashi Lhamo, Bunya Chea, and Taweep Chaisomphob


Construction Site Top-View Generation Using Drone Imagery: The Automatic Stitching Algorithm Design and Application.

Sisi Han, Yuhan Jiang


Remote Sensing and Neural Network-Driven Pavement Evaluation: A Review.

Yuhan Jiang


An Analysis of the Contractor's Project Performance Based on Field Performance Rating.

Md Shah Jamal and Ahmed Abdelaty


Covid-19 Vaccination Hesitancy and Perceived Risk of Infection Among Construction Workers.

Fahim Ridwan Nabil, Mostafa Namian, Jamel R. Pittman


Evaluation of Building’s Life Cycle Carbon Emissions Based on BIM and LCA: A Case Study of Affordable Housing in Morocco. 

Hanane Bouhmoud, Dalila Loudyi, Salman Azhar


Development of Reinforcement Schemes for Cold-Formed Steel Joists with Large Web Openings.

Ken S. Sivakumaran


A Critical Review of Wood Waste Cement Composite Properties (The Mechanical And Physical Properties) And Its Use As Building Construction Material.

James Olaonipekun Toyin, Modupe Cicilia Mewomo, Sina Abayomi Makanjuola, Margaret Damilola Oyewole


Developing A Vr Research Instrument For Participatory Design Of Educational Spaces.

Dr. Poorang Piroozfar, Mr. Imran Farooqi, Mr. Simon Boseley, Mr. Alex Judd, Dr. Eric R. P. Farr


The Last Planner System®: State Of The Art.

Kiruthika Murugaiyan, Wassim Al Balkhy, Zoubeir Lafhaj, Fabien Font


Energy Performance: Effects of Air Distribution Systems and Building Envelope Design on Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency.

Na Han, Shinming Shyu, Suleiman Ashur


Investigating Design And Deployment Of Eco-Feedback Dashboards.

Keegan Loftin, Keith Rahn, and Kevin L. Hitchcock


An Investigation on The Impact Of 4d Bim On Construction Scheduling.

Sanjeev Adhikari, Salman Azhar, Pavankumar Meadati, and Nader Alaeddin


Indoor Localization and Tracking of Building Components and Fixtures using Ultra-Wide Band.

Jyoti Singh and Chimay J. Anumba


Supply Chain Management In Construction: State Of The Art. 

Kiruthika Murugaiyan, Wassim Al Balkhy, Zoubeir Lafhaj, Fabien Font


Introducing Construction 4.0 Into Construction Management Curricula.

Mandisa Khesa and John Smallwood


Exploring The Challenges Of Attaining The Required Competencies For Sustainable Construction Projects: A Case Of Built Environment Professionals In South Africa.

Bontle Beauty Chabaesele and Justus Ngala Agumba


Offshore Construction Progress Management by Indoor GIS Positioning: Post- Covid-19 New Normal.

Kai-Chi Ying, Chun-Pong Chau, Xin Chen and Chuen-Yu Chan


Evaluating The Awareness, Barriers, And Level Of Adoption Of Innovative Digital Technologies In The Health And Safety Of High-Rise Construction In South Africa. 

Alireza Moghayedi, Mark Massyn, Karen Le Jeune and Kathy Michell


The Embodied Energy Assessment of Various Building Assemblies in Residential Building Construction.

Abdul Rauf, Daniel Efurosibina Attoye and Robert Crawford


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) in Pakistani Construction Industry – Benchmarking of Stakeholders’ Awareness.

Muhammad Umer, Rizwan U. Farooqui, Dr. Eric M. Wetzel


VR-Enabled Participatory Design of Educational Spaces: An Experiential Approach.

Poorang Piroozfar, Mr. Imran Farooqi, Mr. Alex Judd, Mr. Simon Boseley, Dr. Eric R. P. Farr


The Future of Automated Plant in Construction – A UK Perspective.

Cormac Browne, Ross Walker, Ianto Guy, Tim Embley, Muneer Akhtar, Amer Essa, Annette Pass, Simon Smith, Alex Wright


An Investigation Of The Adoption Of Bim And Value Engineering Barriers In The South African Construction Industry.

Refilwe Masetlwa, Innocent Musonda, Chioma Okoro


Sustainability Culture in UAE Construction Companies – A Snapshot Assessment and Improvement Guidelines.

Hasan Mahmoud, Mustafa Al-Tekreeti, Salwa Beheiry


Building Information Modelling At The Design Conceptual Phase And Effect On Project Quality And Budget: A Review.

Ntsako Khumalo, Innocent Musonda, Adetayo Onososen


Resilience in Construction Robotics and Human-Robot Teams for Industrialized Construction.

Adetayo Onososen, Innocent Musonda, Molusiwa Ramabodu and Motheo Meta Tjebane


Influential Factors Affecting the Diffusion of Building Information Modeling in South African Construction Projects.

Alireza Moghayedi, Mark Massyn, Karen Le Jeune and Kathy Michell


BIM and Building Resilience: A Hybrid Mechanism to Integrate Measures Against Flooding.

Mohammad Mayouf, Ali Sharif, Mark Shelbourn


Earned Value Management With The Use Of Building Information Modelling.

Yiannis Xenidis and Angelos Koukoulis


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Deployment Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms.

Vasiliki M. Lazari and Athanasios P. Chassiakos


Cementitious Paste Defects Correlated To Engineering Properties Of Concrete.

Achintyamugdha Sharma, Todd Sirotiak, Xuhao Wang, Peter Taylor, Priyanka Deka, Ravi Kiran Dayakar Naik


Problem-Based Learning (PBL) for a Construction Capstone Course: Assessment Through Competing Values Skill Surveys (CVSS).

Achintyamugdha Sharma, Todd Sirotiak, Rajender Chada


Mapping the Dynamics of Emerging Technologies Research Trends in Africa vis-à-vis Built Environment-Related Studies.

Olusegun Aanuoluwapo Oguntona


Evaluating the Relationship Between Socio-Cultural Diversity and Collaboration Among Project Teams in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Adelegan Adeyeri Adewumi, Innocent Musonda, Chioma Okoro


Variation Orders Add or Non Value Add- A Case of South Africa.

Ulunji Msiska, Nokulunga X Mashwama, Didibhuku Thwala


Drawbacks To The Attainment Of Sustainable Road Infrastructure In South Africa.

Douglas Aghimien, and Ntebo Ngcobo

Digital Technologies for Effective Value Management in the Construction Industry.

Douglas Aghimien, Ntebo Ngcobo and Clinton Aigbavboa


A Smart Contract Framework as an Alternative Method for Letter of Credit Use in Construction Procurement.

Furkan Uysal, Salar Ahmadisheykhsarmast and Rifat Sonmez


Mechanical Characteristics and Durability of Concrete Made With Treated Domestic Wastewater and Recycled Concrete Aggregates.

Abdelrahman Abushanab and Wael Alnahhal


Design Error Costs In Commercial Construction Projects: The US Perspective.

Khalid Siddiqi and Aslam Hayath


Framework For The Classification Of Covid-19 Force Majeure Delay Events.

Hasan Mahmoud, Salwa Beheiry


Utilizing the EC3 Calculator to Compare the Environmental Impacts of Mass Timber and Structural Steel.

Khang Nguyen, Steelee Morgan, and Scott Kelting


Drivers of Industry 4.0 Implementation in the Construction Industry.

Almat Abilez, Abid Nadeem, Gulzhanat Akhanova


A New Metric For Labor Productivity: Case Study Of A Multi-Family Residential Project.

Neziha Yılmaz, Farrukh Arif, Mehmet Emre Bayraktar and Bartu Koloğlu


The Identification of Underpinning Criteria of Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Construction Industry.

Sara Saboor, Vian Ahmed


An Analysis of Contract Modifications: USACE Jacksonville District, Jacksonville, Florida.

Scott Kramer and James McRae


Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting Conventional Cost of Industrial Construction Projects.

Konstantinos Efthymiou, George Aretoulis


A Comparative Study on Dispute Resolution in Industry and the Departments of Transportation.

Kasim Korkmaz, Raed Jarrah, Suleiman Ashur, Thomas Keranen, and Banu Colak


Evaluating the Benefits Experienced by Professional Women Working in the Construction Industry in South Africa.

Langanani Muthambi and Justus Ngala Agumba

Reengineering Project Management Processes for ECC Contractors: A Saudi Arabia Case Study.

Muhammad Sami Ur Rehman and Muhammad Tariq Shafiq


Automated Construction Progress Monitoring – Industry Perspective.

Muhammad Sami Ur Rehman and Muhammad Tariq Shafiq


3D Concrete Printing; The Material Point.

Frank Marquette


Analysis of Personnel Retention Strategies within South African Construction Industry A Case Study of Gauteng Province.

Morena William Nkomo, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, Emmanuel Emem-Obong Agbenyeku and Molusiwa Stephan Ramabodu


An Investigation into the Causes of Job Hopping within South African Construction Industry a Case Study of Gauteng Province.

Morena William Nkomo, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, Emmanuel Emem-Obong Agbenyeku and Molusiwa Stephan Ramabodu


Perspectives of Women in Construction to Encourage More Women to Join Construction.

Anoop Sattineni and Yolanda Ikner


Fatalities and Their Root Causes in Pakistani Construction Industry.

Mustafa Shabbir, Rizwan U. Farooqui, Muhammad Saqib


Identification of Major Risk Events for Construction Industry.

Syed Muhammad Yasir Ashrafi, Rizwan U. Farooqui, Rana Rabnawaz Ahmed, Muhammad Saqib


An Empirical Assessment of Decision Making in the Public Procurement Lifecycle.

Rizwan U. Farooqui, Muhammad Umer, Muhammad Saqib, and Farhan Saleem


Optimizing Commuter Travel Times on Traffic Signals using Phasing Techniques – A Pathway for Cost-Effective Intelligent Transportation System.

Farhan Jamil, Malik Kamran Shakir, Rizwan U. Farooqui


Identifying Building Information Modeling Potentials for Construction Dispute Avoidance and Resolutions.

Waqas Raza, Rizwan U. Farooqui, Muhammad Saqib and Rana Rabnawaz Ahmed


Water and Energy Retrofitting – A Case Study of Community Building.

Syed Muhammad Yasir Ashrafi, Rizwan U. Farooqui, Rana Rabnawaz Ahmed and Muhammad Saqib


A BIM Based Model for Energy Efficient Retrofitting of an Existing Building – A Case Study.

Shahzad Ahmed, Rizwan U. Farooqui, Muhammad Saqib


Knowledge Management Framework For Integrated Project Delivery.

Rana Khallaf and Chimay Anumba


A GIS Evaluation for Accessibility to Wash Facilities in Mantapala Refugee Settlement.

Kalle Musalilwa Silwimba, Erastus Mishengo Mwanaumo 2, 3, Penjani Nyimbili, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala

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