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CITC-1: Miami, USA

April 25-26, 2002

Conference Papers

Construction Industry Characteristics and the Implications for Research a Hong Kong Perspective

Michael Anson

Design and Construction for the Rest of Us

Boyd C. Paulson, Jr

Non Value-Adding Costs in Building Projects: The Missing Thoughts

Per-Erik Josephson & Peter Samuelsson

Applying Earned Value Technique to Korean Construction Industry

Sang-Chul Kim, O-Cheol Kwon, & Joon-Hong Paek

Bricklayers' Perspectives on the 'Buildability' of the Bed-Joint and the Threat to Standardisation Vis-A-Vis Cost Optimisation

Vasantha Abeysekera & A Thorpe

Economic Result of Learning Lessons

E. William East & Jeffrey G. Kirby

Cash Flow Forecasting Model Using Moving Weights of Cost Categories for General Contractors on Jobsite

Hyung-Keun Park & Jeffrey S. Russell

Application of Oracle/Case in Project Cost Control System Design and Development

Guangbin Wang, Wenjuan Zhang, Yan Jin, & Yongsheng Zhao

Role of Finance in the Competitiveness of Indigenous Contractors - The Case of Hong Kong

Theresa Y. M. Chan & Y.H. Chiang

Modeling Concession Project Investments Under Uncertainty: A Critical Review

Alison McCowan & Sherif Mohamed

A Conceptual Model for Holistic Decision Making in Projects

Ali Jaafari, David Gunaratnam, & Kitsana Kit Manivong

An Intelligent Decision Support System for Project Managers

Saad H. Al-Jibouri, Michael. J. Mawdesley, & G. Al-Mohamdi

Efficient Resource Planning for Infrastructure Programs

Tarek Hegazy & Ahmed Elhakeem

Scope Definition and Project Risk Analysis 

Yu-Ren Wang & G. Edward Gibson, Jr.

Risk Identification and Mechanisms for Mitigation

Mark W. Cohen

Risk Management in Design/Build

Talal Abi-Karam

Analytic Hierarchy Process: A Decision-Making Method for Construction Management  

Eddie W.L. Cheng & Heng Li

Economic Risk Evaluation for Residential Housing Projects

Abraham Warszawski & Rafael Sacks

Risk-Based Decision in the Corroding Gas Pipeline Maintenance

N. Yahaya & J. Wolfram

A Risk Model for Appraisal of Construction Projects at Tender Stage

Saad H. Al-Jibouri, Michael. J. Mawdesley, & P.J. Dawson

Managing International Aspects of Engineering Risks

John Ciccarelli

Innovative Initiatives in Integrating Construction Supply Chains

Mohan M. Kumaraswamy, M. Motiar Rahman, Ekambaram Palaneeswaran, & S. Thomas Ng

Cross-Functional Product Development Teams for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Supply Chains in the Housing Industry

Kaushik Sahu & P. K. Das

Intelligent Virtual Construction Material Supply Chain Environment

Chika Udeaja & Joe Tah

Development of an E-Business Solution for the Integration of Steel Reinforcement Supply Chain in Construction Projects

Daniel Castro-Lacouture & Mirosław J. Skibniewski

Policies, Principles, and Procedures for Construction Procurement in the Public Sector of Malaysia

Khairuddin Abdul Rashid

Innovative Methods for Reducing Construction Time of Transportation Project in Urban Areas

Zohar J. Herbsman & Cristina Cosma

Integration of Supply Chains and Construction Schedule on Highway Projects

John Sobanjo

Conceptual Framework for Developing Generic Integrated Supply Chain Management Model for Construction Industry

Tayyab Maqsood, Akintoye Akintola, & Salman Azhar

A Dynamic Simulation Modelling System for Process Reengineering and Optimisaion

Hemanta Doloi & Ali Jaafari

Improving the Value Generation Cycle in the Design Process of Industrial Construction Projects

Leonardo Rischmoller, Luis Fernando Alarcón, & Lauri Koskela

Creating Lean Enterprises Through Process Orientation - Models for New Business Opportunities

Christian Lindfors & Roine Leiringer

Incorporating Safety into Construction Site Management

Emad Elbeltagi & Tarek Hegazy

The Performance Approach to Construction Worker Safety: A Model for Implementation

Theo C. Haupt

Trench-Related Fatalities in Construction: An Analysis of Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (Face) Records

Carlos A. Arboleda, Dulcy M. Abraham, Reini Wirahadikusumah, & Javier Irizarry

Product and Process Quality Aspects of Ready-Mixed Concrete Technologies

Arne Ziegert & Jan Bröchner

Quality Development in Hong Kong Public Housing

A.P.C. Chan, F.K.W. Wong, P.T.I. Lam, & J.C.W. Choi

They Year 2000 Version of ISO 9000 and the Process Cost Model for Measuring Quality Cost in Construction Process

Raymond T. Aoieong & S.L. Tang

Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS): The Singapore Experience

Patrick TI Lam, Albert PC Chan, & Wilson CY Shea

Value Optimisation of Building Components in Design Process

Kai-Tak Cheung, Sai-On Cheung, & 

Performance of International Construction Joint Ventures: An Empirical Analysis

Sherif Mohamed

Understanding 'Culture' in an International Construction Context

Vasantha Abeysekera & Praveen Lata

Linking Trends in the Construction Industry to Globalisation and the Transition in South Africa

Gavin Shor

The Egan Report: An Agenda for Change? The Views of UK Construction Directors

David Proverbs, Gary Holt, & Hoon Yeow Cheok

Construction Negotiation: An Even Swaps Approach

Sai-On Cheung, Kenneth Tak-Wing Yiu, & Henry Suen

Problem Resolution in Partnering: A Case Study

Heng Li, Eddie W.L. Cheng, Peter E.D. Love, & Luke H.W. Leung

Current Legislative Developments Effecting Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry in New Zealand

David Gatley

The Relationship Between the Specification, Low-Bid Process and Construction Nonperformance

Dean T. Kashiwagi & John Savicky

Developing a Best Practice Partnering Framework in Hong Kong

A.P.C. Chan, P.T.I. Lam, & D.W.M. Chan

Partnering Impact on Change Orders for Mid Size Commercial Construction Projects

Peter Wanjoga & Khalid Siddiqi

Constructability Versus Communications

Graham Miller & David Risby

Establishing Multiskilled Teams: Lessons from Danish Construction

Christian Koch

Causes of Construction Delivery Complexity and Nonperformance

Dean T. Kashiwagi & John Savicky

Design-Build Combined Cycle Power Plan Project Management

Brian Gibson

Critical Success Factors for the Construction Industry

Gena L. Abraham & Paul Chinowsky

A Conceptual Framework for Integrated Program and Project Management

Stephen P. Mulva & Jorge A. Vanegas

Current Level of Satisfaction with Construction Material Logistics Tasks

HyounSeung Jang & Jeffrey S. Russell

Assessment of CII Best Practices Implementation at the Organizational Level

SangBum Kim & G. Edward Gibson Jr.

Lean Methods in Construction

Lincoln H. Forbes

Knowledge, Leadership, Competencies, Mindsets and the Role of Educational and Research Institutes

Ali Jaafari

Employment Trends: Women in Construction

John M. Dye & Syed M. Ahmed

Building Engineers: New Paradigms for Education?

Christian Koch

Teaching from a Distance with WEBCT

Brian Moore & Arlan Toy

Utilizing Great Books to Enhance Construction Management Classes

John W. Martin

The Effect of the Unique Characteristics of the Construction Industry on Information Management in Construction Firms

J. K. Ssegawa

Applications and Effects of Emerging Automated and Information Technology in Construction

Amaury A. Caballero


Engineering and Construction Collaboration Using Information Technology

Liang Y. Liu & Christopher Erickson

Analyzing the Application of Information and Communication Technology for Construction KMS

Tai Sik Lee, Hee Chul Lee, & Young Hyun Kim

Forecasting Organizational Performance Under Fluctuating Economy

Stephen Ogunlana & Tang Yu Hoe

Strategic Implementation of IT/IS Projects in Construction: A Case Study

Rodney A. Stewart, Sherif Mohamed, & Raul Daet

Web-Based 4D Visualization for Real-Time Construction Simulation

Julian H. Kang, Stuart D. Anderson, & Mark J. Clayton

Electronic Documents: Saving Contractors Time and Money

Kevin Miller

Impact of Web-Based 4D Visualization in Construction Scheduling

Julian H. Kang, Stuart D. Anderson, & Mark J. Clayton

Project Modeling of Labor Inputs for Automated Control in Building Construction

Rafael Sacks, Ronie Navon, & Eytan Goldschmidt

Investigating the Use of Wearable Computers in Construction

Scott Fuller & Anoop Sattineni

E-Coordinating Infrastructure Decisions

Tamer E. El-Diraby

Toward a Centeralized Contractor Registration System Through E-Registration

S. Thomas Ng, Mohan M. Kumaraswamy, & Ekambaram Palaneeswaran

IT Providing a Path from Research to Practice: Promoting Use of Environmentally Friendly Cement and Concrete in Construction

Irina Kondratova, Theodore W. Bremner, & Ilia Goldfarb

Beating the Use of Heuristic in Construction Process: Can Information Technology Do It?

Tayyab Maqsood, Chotchai Charoenngam, Terry Clayton, & Salman Azhar

Tools and Techniques for Intelligent Project Management Information Systems: Heralding a New Project Management Paradigm

Kitsana Kit Manivong, Ali Jaafari, & David Gunaratnam

Construction Management Information Systems for Linear Projects: Application in the Greek Railway Construction Management Company

John – Paris Pantouvakis

Designing Information Model for the Project Management Information System (PMIS): A Case Study

Seok Heon Yun

A Conceptual Model of a Productivity Information System for Construction Projects

Jung-Ho Yu, Kyung-Whal Kim, & Hyun-Soo Lee

Optimization of Ready Mixed Concrete Plant Operations Using Simulation Techniques

K.C. Ying, S.L. Tang, M. Anson, & M. Lu

Resource Optimization in a Design Office Using GA-Based Simulation

Tarek Hegazy & Moustafa Kassab

Simulation Modeling by Enterprise Resources Planning Implementation in Medium Sized Corporation

Sangyoub Lee, Ahsan Ullah Arif, & Daniel W. Halpin

Simulate Road Construction Operations Using Simplified Discrete-Event Simulation Approach (SDESA)

Ming Lu

Shoring Loads in Multistory Structure: An Artificial Neural Network Model

Mohammed E. Haque & André Mund

Comparative Study on Forecasting Demand of Low Cost House in Urban Areas Using Artificial Neural Networks and Arima Model

Muhd Zaimi Abd Majid & Khairulzan Yahya

Accident Risk Effect: Fuzzy Logic & Simulation Based Analysis

Sangyoub Lee & Daniel W. Halpin

A Graphical/Geometric (Visual) Common Language for the Production home Builders

Yvan J. Beliveau & Ozgur Cakir

A Model for Testing the Impacts of Different Project Resource Organisations on the Construction Programme

Saad H. Al-Jibouri

Construction Information Management System on the Basis of the Mobile Internet

Tai Sik Lee, Sung Hyun Yi, & Dong Wook Lee

A Study of the Improvement in Quality Management with Database

Tai Sik Lee, Young Hyun Kim, & Hee Chul Lee

A Survey of the Implementation of Knowledge Management in Construction Enterprises in Korea

Tai Sik Lee, Dong Wook Lee, & Sung Hyun Yi

Data Warehousing in Construction: From Conception to Application

Irtishad Ahmad & Salman Azhar

Analysis of Ground Penetrating Radar Signals for Pavement Condition Evaluation

Charles N. Nunoo, Hesham Ali, & Donath Mrawira

A Modular Housing System: ARTI

Huseyin Kahvecioglu & Nurbin Paker-Kahvecioglu

Criteria for the Selection of Deployable and Rapidly Assembled Structures

Katherine A. Liapi & Stephen J. Donley

The Simulated Thermal Performance of a Two-Story Early Sheltered House with Single Adult Occupancy in a Temperate Climate

J.R. Littlewood & A.J. Geens

Studies on Low-Cost Construction System for Concrete Structures by Using UCAS Method

Kohei Yamaguchi, Toshiaki Ohta, Aya Ohta, & Hiroki Goda

Steel Composite Beam Stiffened with C-Channel

Mahmood Md. Tahir & Airil Yasreen Mohd Yassin

Modeling Earth Moving with Component-State-Based Criteria Method

D. K. H. Chua, B. Tan, & J. K. F. Lee

Internal Profile Measurement Using Rotating Laser-Based System

Masahito Tanaka, Bharath Leeladharan, Hongtao Wu, & Ampere A. Tseng

The Information Solution to Handicapped Access Ramp Requirements

Dean T. Kashiwagi & Keith P. Touchet

Concrete Bored Piles Construction Productivity Index

Tarek M. Zayed & Daniel W. Halpin

Challenges for Cutting-Edge Construction

Roger. A.F. Smook, Emilia.L.C. Van Egmond – De Wilde De Ligny

Circular Cell Coffer Dam Sheet Piles Installation and Design: The Iranian Method

Afshin Turk & Saeid Ebrahimzadeh

Required Changes in Construction by Paradigm Shift for Sustainable Development in Asia in 21st Century

Keizo Baba

Construction in the Twenty-First Century Trends and Outlook

Talal Abi-Karam

The Role of Indigenous Construction Technology in Sustainable Construction Practices

Alfred Talukhaba & Winston Shakantu

Technological Capabilities for Sustainable Construction

Emilia.L.C. van Egmond – de Wilde de Ligny & Roger.A.F. Smook

Development and Implementation of the South African Construction Excellence Model (SACEM)

Sihle Dlungwana, Xolani H. Nxumalo, Steve van Huysteen, Pantaleo D. Rwelamila, & Canon Noyana

Benchmarking Best Practice to Achieve a Competitive Advantage in the Southern African Construction Industry

Winston Shakantu & Alfred Talukhaba

Protection to FLORA and FAUNA: The Problems for Construction - A Case Study of Chiroptera in the United Kingdom

Peter Fenn

The Monitoring Strategy to Test the Energy Performance of a UK Designed Earth Sheltered Family Dwelling

J.R. Littlewood, A.J. Geens, & J. Harrall 

Modes of Application of Smart Structures and Systems in Construction

Tamer El-Diraby & Khan Falahudin Kashif

Promotion of Energy Efficient Design- A Case Studey in China

Qi Bao & Liyin Shen

Developing Ecologic Housing - Case Studies in China

Dehua Wu & Liyin Shen

Modelling Waste Flow Practice on Construction Site

L. Y. Shen, Vivian W. Y. Tam, & C. M. Tam

Soil-Cooper Waste Residue as Mineral Additive for Mortar or Concrete Used in Sustainable Construction

Jorge Gomez Dominguez & Luis Balderrama Neder

Techniques to Develop Needs Model on Housing in Urban Area: A Literature and Malaysian Experience

Noor Yasmin Zainun & Muhd. Zaimi Abd. Majid

Managerial System for 21st Century Construction of Affordable Houses

Roberto Soares

Promotion of Sustainable Construction Techniques in Existing Building

Ewelina Kaatz, Paul Bowen, & Richard Hill

Assessment Methods: A Comparative Analysis of GBTOOL, BREEAM, LEED and SBAT

Ewelina Kaatz, Paul Bowen, & Richard Hill

Web-Based Tool in Project Quality Management

Donath Mrawira, Jeff Rankin, & Charles Nunoo

Computer Simulation Analysis to Reduce Asphalt Paving Process Duration

Yassir A. AbdelRazig

Development of an Integrated Database for 4D/VR Construction Processes Simulation

Nashwan Dawood, Eknarin Sriprasert, & Zaki Mallasi

Customer Satisfaction: Contractor's Perspective

Larry D. Rigsby & Željko M. Torbica

Design Build Project Delivery: Opportunities and Challenges

Zuhair Itr & Saeid Sadri

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