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Rio boasts some of Latin America's top universities, but beyond academics, the city's unique blend of geographic elements – sea, mountains, forest – and the warm hospitality of its residents contribute to its distinct charm. As the birthplace of samba and the iconic Carnaval, Rio pulsates with diverse music genres and hosts internationally acclaimed festivals, art exhibitions, plays, and an array of cultural events.



The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), founded in 1792, is a prominent Brazilian institution with a significant impact on public life in Rio. Operating across various campuses, its primary focus is on Ilha do Fundão, offering extensive services and activities. Notable features include the world's largest ocean tank and a domestically operated maglev train system. With over 170 undergraduate courses, robust postgraduate options, and strong international cooperation, UFRJ stands as a hub for education and research. The university has produced successful alumni, including writer Jorge Amado, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Osvaldo Aranha, and physician Oswaldo Cruz.



Immerse yourself in a dynamic convergence of intellect and vibrant culture by attending a conference in Rio de Janeiro! As the backdrop to academic exchange, this enchanting city offers more than just stimulating discussions. Engage in transformative conversations amidst breathtaking landscapes, from the iconic Copacabana Beach to the lush Tijuca Forest. Rio's pulsating energy, rich history, and renowned hospitality create an unparalleled conference experience. Elevate your professional journey in a city that seamlessly blends intellectual pursuits with the rhythm of Samba.

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