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Please note that participants are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements to the conference site - Han University of Applied Sciences, Ruiterberglaan 26, 6826 CC Arnhem.


We understand that navigating public transportation in a foreign country can be challenging, so we have put together some information to help you get around. 

The Netherlands has excellent public transport. In the Arnhem area, you can get almost everywhere by train or bus. 

We've put together three transportation options for participants to get to the conference belowl


Arnhem Centraal Station to Arnhem Presikhaaf Station

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 11.29.54 AM.png

You can take the train at Arnhem Centraal station to Arnhem Presikhaaf station. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes and trains run regularly throughout the day. You can purchase your train ticket from one of the ticket machines or from the ticket office at Arnhem Centraal station. Be sure to check the train schedule beforehand for times and the departure platform, which can be found on the NS website or app. From Arnhem Presikhaaf station, it’s a 10 minute walk to the University.


NS Ticket Machines

NS ticket machines can be found at almost every station in the Netherlands. There are 3 types of machine. All the machines have multiple functions, but there are differences between them. You will need to purchase a ticket (chipkaart) from the Ticket Machine with the blue sign.

NS Ticket Machine with the Blue Sign
You can recognize this NS ticket machine by the blue illuminated sign displaying the NS logo on top of the machine. In addition, this ticket machine has a characteristic 'rounded front'. There is at least one of these machines at every station. All functions are available at this type of ticket machine:


Willemsplein (Bus Line 6) to Arnhem, Elsweide/Han

You can take Bus line 6 directly to the HAN University of Applied Sciences campus from Willemsplei. There is a bus every 30 minutes (Get out at: Arnhem, Elsweide/Han). You can find the bus stops outside of Arnhem Centraal Station or at Willemsplein

There are digital signs that show the bus schedule and which bus lines stop there. You can purchase your bus ticket from the bus driver when you board the bus.


For schedules, prices and routes go to: (train, bus, metro) &  (train). 

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Uber and Lyft is available in Arnhem and can be booked if you prefer private transportation to the conference.

We hope this information is helpful and makes your travels around Arnhem easier. 
Enjoy your stay in the Netherlands, we can't wait to see you at CITC-13!

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